Thursday, July 31, 2014

Arrival in Brazil

July 30th, 2014
Oi mi familia, I find myself in quite a different circumstance than what I am used to. However, when ever I feel doubt of discouragement I offer a prayer and study the scriptures, Preach My Gospel and I feel peace. Thank you my dear brothers for your flight letters I was so glad to feel of your love for me. I know that my Father in Heaven loves me, it is a miracle that we arrived at the MTC without being robbed or some other calamity befall us; all of these miracles were enacted by willing, courageous, helpful people that allowed The Spirit to work through them. Elder Patterson and I did not intersect the other missionaries as we were expecting to in Salt Lake; we greeted them just in time to board our flight to Sao Paulo the plane didn't leave for a good while after we boarded, but we were thankful non-the-less. Elder Patterson and I aproached several people in Salt Lakel; I was able to share a pass-along card with a methodist woman from New York, I do believe that she felt the spirit bear witness that we love God and sincerely desired to share the message of Jesus Christ with others. On the flight to Sao Paulo I sat next to Elder Numbers which turned out to be quite a pleasant flight considering the time travel of about 9 hours. Elder Numbers' mother is from Brasil and he understands Portuguese quite well, we shared some study time together and he thanked me very sincerely for having my study materials accessable. Which remindes me, Mother, thank you for the last minute nut mix, Elder Numbers and I enjoyed most of them while we waited for dinner to be served. Well, rest assured that I am well taken care of, I am accompained by a band of about 6 Brasilia bound missionaries all of which are brand new, I'm not sure if there will be others joining us, but everyone seems quite excited. One of the Elders is from CT and knows the Rosdahls- Elder Neelman? My compainion is Elder Goodsell, he seems like a fun guy- plays frisbee- on a team, yah. Well talk to you later, I love you.
Elder Anderson

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