Monday, July 18, 2016

Leaving Paracatu Pains...and Raw Birthday Cake Brazilian Tradition! Elder Hayden 21 yrs. old!

Hey friends, well some pretty bitter sweet feelings as I left my beloved Paracatu and the wonderful brothers and sisters with whom I worked and served with. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to serve her in Brazil and I will certainly never forget these people or experiences. 

I'm in São Sebastião today visiting some members and so I will be brief, however I am well, I received my birthday package yesterday and I love it soooo much. We ate pizza on my birthday and then I was smothered with eggs, flour, and confetti as is custom her in Brazil! 

I love you all and will see you soon 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Bucket List Checkoffs!

Well folks, just a couple more weeks as a full time missionary as the Lord and my companion and I are making every second count! I've even been able to check a few things off of my bucket list this week: being bitten by a dog, getting stuck in an elevator with 7 people, learning how to use a lasso - ya that's right my companion is a cowboy. Anyway we are working really hard and the Lord is blessing us with spiritual experiences. God has a way of doing things in His own time, but we are hoping to have more investigatores at church this week and maybe even two baptisms! hoorah! 

Well, I'm soo happy to be able to invite people to come unto Christ and I'm thankful to be able to work with such awesome people. Elder Montes from Peru and Elder P. Rodrigues and Dos Anjos from Brazil. We are like brothers in the work and not to mention Sister I Silva and Sister Huff who complete our district. Such a blessing to be able to serve with them the People of this awesome city. Not to mention that we are going to make tacos today, alright! 

The Lord is at the Head of His work and if we trust in him we will see His hand. 

I am so greatful for the love I feel as I serve my fellow men. There is nothing better. 


èlder Anderson

Monday, July 4, 2016

Companions with 1st Generation Missionary 'Elder Rodrigues

Hello everyone Élder Anderson checking in here and I imagine that I will never again be checking in from such a long distance as my family is now in Alaska! wooooow look who's cool! alright, but really that is pretty cool. Well, I'm here in Paracatu with my new cowboy companion Èlder P. Rodrigues and man I'm I so happy to be on the mission. My companion is from Matto Grosso do sul and is a first generation missionary of six months. He is a really great friend and a great missionary. We are working super hard and I'm glad we are finding new people to help and baptize. 

I love the mission and all that I'm learning in Paracatu. It is the only group in the mission and I'm learning a bunch about the church and how to help my brother's and sisters towards salvation. 

I uploaded a few pictures for you to see of our district, lunch (we are pretty good cooks if you ask me) activities, and my companion. I'll show you the rest of the picture here in 3 weeks! :)