Monday, February 29, 2016

Nose Intact


much better in Portuguese don't you agree. . . Tocantins is super hot- burns

Anyway Transfers was this weekend and I took a bus yesterday 7;30pm  and arrived in brasilia this morning 8 am. I'm going to Paracatu, Minas Gerais. Now the third Brasilian state I will be getting to know not including the Federal District of Brasil. I'll take another bus today 3pm to arrive in Paracatu about 7;30pm. Paracatu is a recently opened area of a year or so with a group of about 30 or so frequenting members. I will serve as district leader finishing the training of èlder Costa from the north of the Country, Maceio. I'm super excited to work in this new area a city of about 100,000  inhabitants. Sounds like they have good milk and cheese which makes for an excellent pão de queijo. YAH Clark now should know what I'm talking about- yum. 

Well I have to go now, but I will inform you of any other exciting news new week. 


Monday, February 15, 2016

Doing Everything We Can to Strengthen the Church in Palmas

hey family! I'm doing great, glad to hear from you all, today I'm short on time, but I just want you all to know I'm okay and the lord's work is going well here in Palmas. We had training with the mission President and Interviews as well. I was very inspired, by really what we are capable of as missionaries and my companion and I are doing everything we can to help strengthen the church here through working with the members to reactivate, retain and strengthen the members. We know that through this effort the lord will bring other sheep to his fold as well. 

Yesterday after a super awesome lesson at a members house with an investigator, my companion and I went sprinting home in the pouring run and river filled streets and I laughed and smiled the whole way. I will never forget that moment and I'm so thankful to be serving as a representative of the lord Jesus Christ in Brazil. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Special Week

Hey folks good to hear from you all!

This week was super special. Certainly there were difficulties, but my companion and I are looking to use those difficulties to our benefit so that we may improve our capacity to serve the Lord in the area of Palmas 3. My companion and I searched long and wide to find investigators to go to church with us Sunday morning, but to no avail. However I was very pleased to see a man there who really is looking to make a change in His life. He has been married to a member here in the ward for a long time and we had spoken with him on various occasions, but he told us Saturday night that he really needs God in His life. We passed by their home to ask for some help getting to the church and he gladly drove us there and while we waited for the others to arrive, he told us of his desire to change and I felt such a joyful spirit inside of me. I was able to share my testimony with him and I'm super excited to be able to visit them and help him and His family! ETERNAL FAMILIES!!!!!

Other experience I had this week that was super special was a split that I did in Miracema which was the first city of Tocantins as I'm told. It was such a beautiful drive- really jungley and we crossed the tocantins river which is really full this time of year. However, this wasn't even the best part the most special part was that I was able to interview for baptism a real South American Indian XERENTE, if that is how you spell it. It was a very special and spiritual experience and if all goes well she will be baptized by her son this Sunday evening. 


Èlder Anderson

Monday, February 1, 2016

Parrots and Coconuts

Hello Family! 

Great to hear from you all this week! Sounds like good things are happening in Nottingham and Everyone just looks beautiful! Especially Austin in the suit gussied up for the the school dance- yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Anyway, I am thankful for another excellent week. I was able to go on splits with Élder Gomez from the Domican Republic. We slipped over to their house which is an hour long bus ride through some awesome looking jungle and farm land- super green, lakes, cows and wildlife. Many times throughout the week you may find a pair or two of big blue parrots passing through the air. Super awesome! Not to mention that in every other house you go to there is a green parrot bird that likes to talk with you. cool right? Anyway about the split so were immediately placed in various circumstances in which we could serve as soon as we left the bus. Helping an elderly woman with a suitcase who returned our service with a coconut or two which we later shared with a poor man looking for lunch. The only difficult part was to open the darn nut, you have to whack it with a machete or an axe to open it. Any way, but even with the rain that day we were able to persevere and find people that needed our help, including a recent convert that we invited to a members house to share some FRENCH TOAST! with some homemade syrup which I was able to supply! But, that isn't really important, what is important is that the recent convert was integrated with one of His home teachers!!! 

Well that is just one day in my life, but really in regards to the topic I placed on the email Sunday was called a new Bishopic in our Ward and I now that This church is lead of God and not by Man. The Spirit testified of this truth. 

WOW I have to goo!, 

BUt I also felt my testimony strengthened a lot this WEEK !!!!!!

Élder Anderson