Monday, October 20, 2014


Homemade S'mores
Hi family, 

This Sunday I played the piano for our ward's primary presentation. I felt the Spirit testify of Eternal families and the temple as the place that we should always to preparing to enter. 

IMPORTANT, I sent a lot of other emails in response to emails I received so don't miss those. 

Oh Transfers were today and Elder Mattos and I are going to stay, hoorah! I really do feel like there are going to be miracles here and honestly there has been so much good that I have seen while I have been in this area and I hope that I can continue to see the good- right Clark marriage counselor man :) 

Well, I really love you all, I was reminded today/ last night in Moses 1:39 that is is His work and His Glory and that things that are required of His workers are Faith, Hope, Charity, and LOVE with an eye single to the glory of God (D&C 4:5). I also found D&C 78:18 the importance of gratitude I really feel these elements are key to the work and keeping myself from pride. This is HIS work, He will hasten it, our job is to be obedient and FACE THE PROPHET ancient and modern they speak the words of eternal life, the words of our master JESUS CHRIST and as Elder Utchdorf said the words of the prophets will act as a mirror for ourselves to see ourselves as God see´s us. 

And now I step down from the pulpit. Well, as you can see I am an enthusiastic young chap and some times some of the people I contact get a little more than they bargained for, but I am working on that with my companion. 

Real quick about my companion, I will be with him for some more time so let me tell you a bit about him. He began training me directly after his training which is almost unheard of, he has a great love for people and loves to make people happy and has the skills to make wonderful food and organize great activities. He loves to joke, he jokes like there is no tomorrow, brincadeira, brincadeira, all day long, that is my companion. Oh and he is very smart, has a sharp memory, teaches with great technique, and I'm learning a lot from him. One more thing, He loves music and loves to sing, he doesn't always keep tune, but he sings. Oh and he loves meat, alot. But, there are very few who don't here. 

I'm excited to have some buddies in my Zone Elder Patterson and Seth *( Neeleman) it should be great.

I can't send photos today, but I've got a great one for mom. I ate with Elder Mattos today at a place called Giraffas, nough said, I took a picture, moms favorite animal. 

okay I love you all, this week I hope Elder Mattos and I will work our tails of to get pesquisidors progregindo and families baptised. And boy am I excited to be obedient, loving, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverant. . . lost and always hungry. 

Com Amor

Elder Anderson

Information about Mom's question about investigators.

Monica was a long term investigator with a smoking problem and was the first investigator of Elder Mattos to attend Church, she is such and Angel and has such great faith, I really hope we can help her family join in on the blessings, and same with the other Danilo. Danilo had attended church a few times with a cousin, but I initiated the contact with him and talked about the priesthood with him because all of the others his age we helping witht the sacrament and we talked about baptism and walha he is a member of the church. He has a good Spirit and I think his family has softened a bit too so we will see what we can do there.

Yes I am feeling better, I think it was a week of Diarrhea, but I am well, and Sister Lundgren is starting a bit of a sanitation hygene revolution so, we should be good there. 

Go Uncle Jim and Aunt Anelle! that is Awesome! 

Love you Mom thanks for the great stories of service.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Work of Souls

Hi family, Dad thanks for the great email, i responded in a small way, but don't over look it. Mother I'm glad to hear your are spoiling Isaac, but I'm a little jealous, I don't think the pizza would last all the way to Brazil. How are the developments on a box for me? Not that I'm in want; I fasted this past weekend and was reminded of the special spirit and blessings that are given when we fast. My companion was unable to join me because we was suffering from a urinal infection and was suffering some discomfort but he is better now and we managed to push through the week and are invigorated to be more obedient and baptize more people. Speaking of which Elder Mattos and I had our first baptisms yesterday and we hope to have many more, I will send a photo. 

Mom I'm going to start a letter for you today, your birthday is next you know. Oh I feel really bad right now, but I'm not sure I remember the day of Clarissa's birth. Please tell me and Clarissa please forgive me, but I would feel even worse if I didn't send you something on your special day.

This week our zone had a wonderful meeting with Our President and Assistants. I do believe that our mission is going to be baptizing many more people in the near future. I'm applying a more effective study technique of studying by topic during personal study and my companion and I are starting to do more practicing, planning, and more the area booking. Here is a little something I sent to Sydney about her questioning the language improvements:

My mission President told me this week that my Portuguese is incredible. I had an interview with him this week and he was very complimentary. I feel The Gift of Tongues when I fulfill my purpose as a missionary; testifying, teaching, inviting, loving, contacting, etc.. . The Holy Ghost helps me communicate my love for others and the love the Savior has for them so that they can learn to follow him. This is not to say that I do not speak poorly at times when I'm flustered or discouraged, because that happens too.

My companion and I have not yet scheduled time to study the language during the day so I take every opportunity to practice the language I can. I have several goals I apply during the day that I hope will help me improve my ability to communicate, teach, and understand. I want to help my companion learn English and I know he wants to learn so we are going to start and it may commence with a English class at the Chapel for all to participate.

It seems this computer won't allow me to send pictures so we will have to wait for that.

 This week we had an awesome lesson with a family in our ward that is preparing to go to the temple. I described to them Mom's ring and the significance of how honoring our promises with God allows our families to be reunited eternally, The Spirit was strong as my companion and I bore witness of the sacred nature of the temple.I know this Gospel blesses families and I love you my family and want to be with you forever. 

Até Mais e Com Amor

Elder Anderson

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wow, I love you guys!

Oh dear family, you guys are sooo beautiful, wow. I love you all. Dad sent me a photo of you guys and you just glow. Well my dear family I'm glad to hear Isaac is growing in spirit and in body LOVE YOU ISAAC! Austin you are tall and beautiful, I'm sorry to hear about the Brother that passed away, that is very sad. Clark, how are the ladies, I hear the job selecting is going well, love you man, your music is great. Andrew you look like a new born child without you beard and Clarissa you are incredible o goodness you guys look amazing my beautiful mother and father, wow, sharp. 

Well this week.. . . it rained like crazy in Santo Antônio, holy moly, i always joke, they are the waters of baptism and I believe we have to firm dates for this weekend YA I hope I get to Baptise Danilo, he is the awesome youth I talked to on Sunday, I really feel the spirit from him, especially when he prayers, really cool. 

Oh folks, have I had problems with my bowels this week. I remember Clark saying that he had Diarrhea all the time, but I really hope this clears out, I'm going to make some more heath changes, but i bought and have been eating more fruits and vegetables- soooo good. 

Wasn't conference amazing? I especially was touched by the question Elder Utchdorf repeated over and over, "Lord, is it I" I know that as I keep the commandments, and accomplish goals, and live like Jesus Christ, I can be a good influence and will be able to see myself as God sees me, and that is what is important. 

I'm a lot happier when i talk with people all sorts of people. I remember the counsel in my patriarchal blessing that I should take prompt action to establish righteousness and goodness and if I lead out in faith, wisdom, and courage, many will follow. I want to qualify for the blessings promised in my blessing. 

Well my family other people are needing to use the computer, I had a zone activity today some Brazilian elders cook a churrascaia, muito carna, we played soccer, basketball, the works. It was awesome. 

Well I have some photos hear for you, oh one other thing this week I got to go to Aguas Lindas for a day and invited a family to be baptised and the mother said the "with all her heart" she wanted to and I feel the family is bound for glory, haha we did a service project, making a swimming pool the tile and stuff in between and my legs got burnt pretty bad, haha I had a huge bag for this weekend and man has it been annoying to carry it all around this city, I'm going to buy a back bag and pack light from now on. 

Mom thanks for the beautiful email, I at times miss the beautiful sights, smells, and land that I'm know, but I know that I have work to do here and I will be obedient and serve God and the people of Brazil. 

Okay I have to stop, Love you all


p.s the photos, one is with a fruit Jaka it is huge and no you dont eat that part, the photo with the sun is my favorite part of my area, a bunch of mormons live there it is a farm and man I ate a ton of Galhinada there one time. oh and the other is with my mission president at a ward activity.