Monday, June 29, 2015

Resourceful Missionaries/Seeing Gods Hand Using the Direct Approach

Hello my beloveds,

I am here in Paranoá and wow it is getting a bit nippy hear. I'm going to look for a sweater to use during the most cold parts of the day and at night time, I did not think I would ever feel cold in Brazil, but it isn't too bad, it is actually quite refreshing at times. It should start to get warmer in a month or two. It is really funny because Élder Thomas who is from northern Utah is dying of Cold because he has become accustomed to sweltering heat, hahah- he is Super Cool. 

Speaking of Super Cool, he, Élder Matheus, and I had an awesome experience this week. We were playing frisbee during exercises and when arrived home our frisbee ended up landing on the neighbors roof- you know how it is. After various attempts of great valor we decided to duct tape two brooms together in attempt to scoot it off, but to no avail. I ended up finding an old hose in the house and just like my cowboy ancestors in a final attempt of rescue lassoed that frisbee and yanked her down from off of the roof. To make the story even better that same morning while playing frisbee I put the frisbee through the basketball hoop two times, one from full court and the other from half court-it was absolutely nuts, I guess it was just a magical day, 3 is a magic number. I will send some pictures that ÉLder Thomas took when he send them to me, really funny.

I included some pictures, maybe you had already seen the one of the family night. The other is of my previous companion and the other is a picture some young recent converts drew for me before I left São Sebastião. I liked it so much I put it up on the wall in my new house.

Speaking of house, it has been a none stop battle to manage all of the details involved with taking care of all of the house problems, water leaks, unpayed bills, electrical problems, but it is good practice and really fulfilling after solving a problem especially when we work together as a district. 

When I entered the bus with my bags in route to Paranoá I felt the desire to do a"fear no man" as they call it, so the minute I entered the bus I introduced the peculiar band of bag bears that included myself and a bit about our voluntary work to help people follow Jesus and one 13 year old boy raised his hand admist mostly youth indicating his desire to learn more. His name is John Peter and is really awesome, he went to church this Sunday although his mom was unable to stay, but felt really welcome and is going to a family night with us tonight at the house of an awesome member family. So cool to see the instant results of an inspired action " fear no man". John Peter also had to practice this principle as a youth to raise his hand in the midst of his peers to voice his honest desires- super cool, hope I get to see his baptism, just have to mark it.

We will also finish teaching the mother of the Bishop this week, as she will be baptized with her grand daughter this Sunday. She stopped smoking recently after a life time of smoking and is stopping her coffee habit as well. She is almost 70 years old and likes Shekeira, Akon and other hip artists. She is happenin' Granny, that is for sure.

Well I hope that gives you a bit of a sneak peak into my weak as a fulltime missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am so thankful for this opportunity and I know that he is aware of me and of all of you, I hope we ask ourselves often "How have I seen the hand of the Lord reaching our to touch my life today?" We will receive many revelations and life happier and more fulfilling lives. 

Much Love,

Élder Anderson

Monday, June 22, 2015

Linus Recovery/Entire District Transferred

Wow well I certainly feel blessed today. To hear that my nephew is recovering and that my family is well. And also to know that our family can be eternal. I am reminded of this truth especially on this day that marks 4 years that Nolan passed away. I felt comforted with this truth after receiving the info last week about the circumstances with Linus´s heath- Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father´s Plan. What a beautiful truth this is. I am very blessed and pleased.

I really didn't even remember the importance of this day until now because my district and I were transferred today. Yes, my entire district was transferred. I have been transferred to Paranoa which isn't too long from my other área, but I will be fulfilling the responsibility of Zone Leader together with my new companion Élder Mateus. He is from Brazil Recife and will return home in approximately 4 months. I am excited for this new opportunity and am ready to learn.

On Sunday I was very happy to see our investigators at church, including Jonaton whom also shared lunch with us in the house of Brother Emerson. I will share a picture of him and I later when I receive it, he remindes me a bunch of Nolan. I felt a confirming spirit through out the day that I had accomplished what the Lord desired of me in the area. One of these moments was when a recent convert called me and thanked me for my service in the ward and for being "transparent" as she put it in my desire to serve others; I felt really glad for the opportunity to work in the area for so long. 

I have been noticing recently the absolute nessecity of presenting and using The Book of Mormon in teaching investigators. If the record is so powerful, why would I hesitate to present the proof to the person. If the Spirit is the Converter and if the Spirit testifies of truth, why don't I present the most true book upon the face of the earth to the true seeker of truth. So you see, the mission is really all about truth, receiving it, cherishing it sharing it, just like Lehi in the story of the Tree of Life (1 N 8). I am excited to improve my capacity to teach by the Spirit and help many souls enter into the path that leads to eternal life! I invite you also to share what you believe to be true with others and watch the fruits of your faith return to, but remember that these fruits are the stuff of eternity.

Well I am well, just feeling a bit of a cold coming on, I am a bit tired, but maybe that is because I went to sleep late and woke up early. Yah that is probably it. 

Well I love you all and I hope that all of us can look for God´s hand reaching out to touch our lives.


Élder Anderson

Monday, June 8, 2015

Construction on New Church

I have good news, no, great news. 

and it isn't your even day of the week news, 

our investigatores didn't go to church this week, that was kind of a bummer

However, the Lord made manifest his hand in many different ways:

A man who had we had helped move on friday with his family who is currently without a job and to whom I look as a an example in the preisthood helped us Sunday morning pick up an investigator even with all of the difficulties he is having. In church he went and bore his testimony that even though the family we went to go pick up wasn't in the house he said that he felt useful in the hands of the lord. 

The Bishop said that this month will comence construction on the new church. 

We had a specail meeting about family history work and I was able to share an experience about how prayer can help us in our efforts to do our work for the dead. 

I taught the lesson in the Gospel Principles class, becasue the teacher wasn't there and it happened to be about the gifts of the Holy Ghost: gift of tongues and wisdom and others. It was quite lovely. 

I had a few members ask me if I would teach them the piano yesterday so maybe I will try to do an accelerated two week course., hahaha. 

Oh story time so one of our investigators who is preparing to be baptized this week lives on a street that is like really rough and while teaching her about the word of wisdom in the street one day oh what to our wondering eyes would appear- a drug bust!- two policeman at the end of the street searching some youth for paraphernalia how ever you spell that, soon after the occurrence my companion and I passed by these troubled younguns and bore our testimonies about the word of wisdom and the safety and peace that it may bring into our lives. Unfortunately there are many occurrences through out the day of policeman reprimanding people in the street because of drug problems. 

But, on the same street I heard this dude say to another dude in the street as we passed by, " hey charlie don't mess with these guys, their of God" or something to that effect. 

So don't worry- Nós somos de Deus

Com Amor

Élder Anderson

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Difficulty is essential to our lives/Elder Perry Passes

My dear ones, I have very little time, I will have to make this fast, sorry

I sent a letter today for Clark, Andrew and Dad "The birthday boys" 

I completed 10 months as a full-time missionary 2 days ago.

I'm pretty sure I will be transferred in a 2 weeks. My companion and I are working hard, and are so thankful we were able to help some less actives come to church this week and an investigator who is preparing to be baptized. 

This week I gave a few blessings, Even a closing prayer in the church I feel the Holy Spirit helping me speak. The gift of tongues really is a spiritual gift, have to be worthy and willing to receive it.

I'm helping my companion learn English, it is super fun to help the Élders improve their abilities speaking my native tongue. 

I heard about our dear Apostle Élder L Tom. Perry. I studied some of this recent messages about obedience and family, the blessings the Lord gives to the faithful. I'm so happy for the opportunities that the Lord gives me to be around such wonderful members, involved in activities, going on splits with returned missionaries and members, it is really great. The key is to remember we are free to choose we are all free to choose- this is the key to our growth. I'm thankful for the Savior that satisfied the demands of justice so that we may improve through the miracle of His grace

Yes Clark I was able, with the help of a fellow Élder read the talk from Brad Wilcox, it is absolutely amazing, once again another big one for Clark Daddy. 

My companion and I were able to talk a little bit with the bishop about a member who is needing financial assistance and a young man who was baptized who hasn't returned to be confirmed. It was such a blessing to realize the wisdom and authority and calling of the bishop and realize that even though we are imperfect the Lord qualifies who he calls. Difficulty is part of our lives really it is the essence of our lives. the weight that is necessary to make us stronger. 

Speaking of stronger, I feel that I'm becoming larger, but we are good I'm not getting fat again, just becoming more Brazilian lets say- I don't know. I like to cook and make food and exercise.

I love you all, sorry this one was a bit short on info, but I have to go

Élder Anderson