Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello my dear ones, 
My new companion is ÈLDER Sanchez from Paraguay! That is correct. He is a new leader in the mission and he has got some fire in him, so it sure to be a blast of a transfer! We practice speaking english one day in the house and spanish on the other. Kind of fun, he is my 3rd companion spanish speaking, but the first who has wanted to speak spanish with me, but don't worry the Portuguese is still a major priority in our language studies and certainly the language of our daily work. 

We had a baptism this week! Ana Beatriz was baptized on Saturday. She was baptized by her uncle which was cool. She is super awesome and has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith- it is soo awesome to help someone recognize the Spirit confirm the truthfulness of the Gospel to them. 

This week we watched a missionary transmission worldwide, but we watched it in Spanish. . . ya and we were eating lunch at like the same time, but even with such distraction and difficulty I was impressed by our Inspired Leaders and the Spirit that testified of the truths they spoke. Here are a few things that stuck out to me in my roughly spanish to portuguese to english translation:

Teach Repentance and baptize converts. . . okay that was the name it, but let me add some more. . . 

Use the Book of Mormon to testify of Christ and of His Gospel
Teach people not lessons, and teach by the spirit
Helping investigators keep commitments and commandments 
working with members, less actives and recent converts. 

and the last Hymn "HARK ALL YE NATIONS" it was super cool, because that morning we had a zone meeting and we sang this hymn as a zone before kneeling to pray at the end of our meeting. I felt the spirit so strongly and felt the grandure of this great work. Some thing I found in my personal study that I was able to share with the missionaries in our meeting was a revelation from the Prophet Joseph in the Section 75 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Towards the end of the chapter God counsels his servants to be unified in the work including Simeon Carter and His companion. This revelation was given in the year of 1832 in which my great grandfather was baptized at 21 years of age by Simeon Carter. If it wasn't for these dedicated missionaries I might not have enjoyed all the blessings I now enjoy as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.




Monday, January 18, 2016

Let the Games Begin!


Family I am soo sorry that some how my letter from last week stayed in my "drafts" box and wasn't sent to you all however I will send it and include some up-to-date info about transfers and such! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Well I'm sure the Spirit is very close to you all at this time of wedding and funerals, I'm surely thankful for the power of prayer and the love I feel from God as I truly pray to him. I hope you all an awesome week. Tomorrow my companion is going to Brasília and I will be in trio for a week until my companion arrives. I'm so thankful for the help my companion has shared with me in teaching with the Spirit and being obedient and diligent in the work of the Lord. He is a good missionary. I'm super excited to receive my new companion! I don't know who he is yet, but I have an idea. . . (ya, but that idea was wrong, my new companion's name is Élder Sanchez from Paraguay. Ya it was a mile away.) 

I'll fill you in next week, actually it will have to be the week after that, because he only arrives on Tuesday..  ( or today, because I already know. . . :) 

This week was cool as my companion was getting some contact information to help his recent converts, I too felt a desire to follow up a bit on some of my recent converts, it is such a great work we are involved in. I LOVE THE GOSPEL. ( Cool experience about that was the same day I called Èlder Sifuentes and to get some info about some recent converts and he informed my he had finished leaving a funeral of the father of some of our recent converts. I felt like the Lord touched in my heart to follow-up on some of the converts. 




Ya so that was my letter from last week, with some up-to-date information. 

I'm feeling excited for the next transfer and hope to see some improvement in my work as a missionary and leader in our zone. I have felt a difference in the way I serve in as a leader and missionary in the past few weeks after the passing of Grandma and I know that the lord will be able to use me for much good in these next months on my mission. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

I Know that God has Grandma in His Hands/Joy/Gratitude

Man I'm really sad to hear about Grandma, but I know that God has her in His hands and that she is being well taken care of and is feeling free from her earthy stresses and that brings me joyful thoughts of gratitude. 
I wanted so much to send some pictures to you guys today, but once again- I am technologically unable and the little time I have doesn't help.  Today we went to a waterfall as a zone and took a few pictures. Man I felt like I was in a Book of Mormon seen. Wow I was in the Jungle- I even saw a monkey! He was throwing stuff at me from the tree tops. Luckily we didn't see any snakes! ahhaa, but it was super cool, but also a little stressful trying to handle everything as leaders, thankfully everything turned out okay. Man I tell you what I know that there are three things that help me so much with the load that I have in my life and as a missionary: Prayer, Scripture Study, and the Sacrament. This morning I woke up feeling heavy and I felt to slump to my knees, I began to feel lighter and the love that Christ has for me. I was reminded of the special hymn "Did you think to Pray?". I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ works and is true, because I use it in my life. I hope all of us may apply the atonement of Christ to help heal us. 
Love you all, I have to go, more info next week