Monday, September 29, 2014

Tender Mercies

Okay first things first: You guys really didn't receive any letters from me? I sent several. . . hmm, well we might have expected that one. Oh I'm going to try and send you guys some pictures, see how that goes. haha, oh so I thought of something else you could put in the charity box, some supplements maybe, vitamins, i don't know, i'm trying to make sure i eat my fruits and vegetables, but my companion is all about the carne hahaha, he is Paulista to the core. He dad owns a Salgados,salty snacks ya know the good stuff,  in Sao Paulo and man does he know how to cook. Oh which brings me to:

The Most exciting thing that happened this week which was an activity that my companion and I put together, mainly him, but I helped. . . a cooking competition to unify our ward, it was a great activity we had 3 families that are investigating the church there and a our mission president came and provided a thought and man was he great to have there. Oh did we cook, well thank heavens no, but i was going to try stir fry, but thankfully we didn't have time. 

Well, I'm glad to hear Isaac and Clay are walking in the straight and Narrow path, that is awesome. As a missionary you will have many opportunities to focus on things other than your inviting people to come to Christ, it is very important that you boys are keeping focused on your purpose as young men preparing to receive the Priesthood of God; I feel this Priesthood power as I preach, serve, and love, the people hear in Brasil.

Well, I'll tell you the People here know how to eat meat, holy cow, and chicken, and pig, and hopefully that is all; the meat is very good. However, yesterday I was a little concerned I was eating to much, the word of Wisdom is for real my friends, and wow i feel like you can tell so easily the effect of addiction has on the older folks here, man some of them are doing great, but the others, well. I have a testimony that if we keep the commandments we will prosper in the land. 

Okay so I have seen some MIRACLES on my mission and many of them have to do with my brother Nolan. I feel the many of these are personal witnesses that the work I am involved in is Eternal and that Nolan is an amazing missionary RIGHT NOW and for always, what an example he is for me. I believe the 138th section of Doctrine and Covenants, some specific versus there were special for me, I'm sure Nolan is blowing the trumpet he tried to play on this earth just like his childhood hero Moroni atop the temples, Moroni happens to be the Name of my companion. Yesterday I passed a woman on the way to church who had the same disability as Nolan except on the other side, Oh, I believe in the final verse of the first chapter of Nephi! Tender Mercies.

CLAAAARRRRRK haha, love you Clark, I found a chord to the music machine and I've been listening to your lovely music in the mornings, thank you sooooo much, and wow let me tell you the pain in my head some times trying to understand people is kind of discouraging, but I feel like when I try to understand, and contribute people are always willing to help and wow a bus can go from a cemetery to a playground when you sincerely try to get to know some one and introduce who you represent and what you have to offer, wow. Oh i'm going to add the picture of you look a like. This Elder is an assistant and is swell, reminds me of you. 

Austin, soar like an eagle my son, don't beat me up to bad when i get home, i'm trying to keep in shape, but oh the other day i played ball with the elders and I really did too much jumping, my knee won't have any more of that. I can't believe you actually dunked it, that isnt true, prove it, ahha

Isaac, I'm helping 2 10 year olds

prepare for baptism, yesterday was there first time going to church on sunday and I felt good helping them be reverant and such, man who knows what they could grow up to be some day, kinda like you Isaac, you may go to the moon and find some cool rocks that no one has ever found before, or become a Stake President like President Bowden ;)

Well, Today I spent pday in Brasilia, you will see i have attached a picture of a unique building there, pretty cool there some serious architecture, but i am most pleased with a young man a met on the bus today, wow it feels great to be a representative of Jesus Christ as i learn to love people and invite them to come unto Him. Well, I think I better get out of here. My zone is setting it's "sights from stun, to kill" name that movie, goals are being set, faith is being exercised, I believe more lessons will be taught this week, and yes i do believe, "the baptisms are coming, the baptisms are coming! hoorah" HAHAHA  much love to you all, oh and one more miracle, Elder Burock gave me his blue poweranger to remind me of Nolan, wow, of all the things he could have, a blue poweranger. Nolan's favorite

haha we had a Mission Devocional yesterday with president, haha I played the piano for 3 special musical numbers and clark I played the IDE POR TUDO MUNDO HINO it was great

Oh and father I can't seem to find my priesthood line of authority, I hope I didn't leave it in my temple bag, but please send me that info, thank you. How unique is that, I can track my priesthood line back to Jesus Christ, wow. This is His Church.

Oh and yes that address I sent was correct,


Elder Anderson

Monday, September 22, 2014

"We Are Lead Today By God Through A Living Prophet" Elder HA

Hello familia!
A care package wow well, I suppose to name a few: peanut butter (of course) um I'm probably going to need more garments in the future, not sure how that works, oh well I'll call someone, pictures of you, and my grand parents( wow I have felt a lot of love for them this week, a lot of appreciation, Thanks Grandma and Grandpa you are guys are really amazing and I want to be with you guys forever!) wow i don't know i guess letters from you guys if that is possible, drawings oh dad I want you to draw me a blue power ranger, please, that would be awesome. yah i guess i need to figure out how to send you guys some photos through the computer so i guess I'm going to buy a adapter of some sort to accomplish this, well besides this, I guess whatever tickles your fancy, yup. . . 

Well I have to  bear my testimony that I also know that we are lead today by Prophets and Apostles of God who possess his same priesthood, this Power was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith, he truly is the Prophet of the Restoration. I find that when the Spirit tells me to bear testimony of this truth, I don't feel afraid. I felt this the other day in the house of our bishop, we were jantaring (dinnering) with them and the brother of the bishop's wife is not a member and we watched the film of the Restoration before/during jantar. Before this experience I truly felt sincere love and care for this man and felt to ask him after if he felt that the experience Joseph had was true, he said yes and we are going to teach him more this week, I believe he has a sincere heart and I believe that the Spirit will touch him and prompt him to be baptized.

haha so every Sunday and I think once during the week, the huge catholic church next to us blasts its music to the world and man, I guess it strengthens my testimony when I hear the bands they have playing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True, their church may scream louder, but we have the truth and that is what is most comforting.

Well, yesterday I sat by a young man during church and asked him if he would like to hold the same priesthood that his friends have, he said yes with a smile and we are going to teach him this week with his good friend Paulino with a baptismal date for the following week, I hope I get to Baptize him, haha that same meeting I received some nice notes from some little kids, wow that felt great, Sacrament meeting is kind of crazy people are all over the place, but I feel peace all the same and when I took the opportunity to help someone rather that criticize someone I saw some miracles from tiny dudes. 

Oh, I'm sorry dad I'm glad to hear that you are saving souls and enduring with patience, wow you have a special calling and wow I know you are doing a great job, keep it up!

Austin, Way to go my man, Sounds like a success and I hope you learned some good things about leadership from this experience, and know that there is still more to learn, from the paper-work, and interviews that are to come, I remember being touched by the testimony of Brother Beezly during our interview of the Good that I had done and helped others do. 

Mother, are you blogging? Tech mother to the rescue! that is it, that is it. Halloween costume maybe, maybe not. please let me know what costumes you guys wear. love you mom

Isaac, I sent you a letter i hope you receive it soon, you birthday is coming up no?

Well I feel once again that I have been here forever, which I have, but you know you guys are worth it, and so is President, I write him too, oh and I sent an email to Syd today too, that was good. 

Well, I'm trying to obey the word of wisdom here in Brazil, there is a lot of good meat to eat and a lot of people like Coke. Especially my companion, haha but all is well and melhorando, getting better, we have an activity this weekend with our Ward it is going to be great, lots of food and people, and activity, I hope there are good things to follow.

Oh last thing. Last week we had a mission conference with President and Elder Mazegardi of the seventy. President and Sister Lundgren are sooo funny. Well, right before our quartet was going to sing, Boom the power goes out. We then sing Brightly beams our fathers mercy and felt the spirit and a thought came to mind that "we are the light", especially in a room full of missionaries and then I thought again, no "He" is the light, we are the lantern of the instrument in which His light is shown. Well needless to say I felt with certainty that Nolan was trying to tell me that he loved me, indeed knowing that Elder M had chosen this hymn and that I was asked to sing was a tender mercy and what's more is that Elder M spoke about those Spirits who are involved in his great work amongst other great things he spoke of Prophets and Apostles and Authority. This is the true church of God on the Earth, My brother IS involved in this work, I need to feast upon the words of the prophets for they are the word of God and then will my tongue be loosed, then will I speak with the tongues of Angels 3 Nephi 32:3. 

By the way I believe the Gift of Tongues is Real and that it is a gift of the Spirit, that being said I speak much better when I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary, in every way. Oh and Clark I am applying your tactics, sticky notes. . . but my companion and I haven't applied the other a lot, it is a little dangerous. haha there is an Elder Clark in my zone and he reminds me a ton of you Clark haha today we played Basketball and he was posting up with me and I was like hey this is kinda familiar haha #4thofJuly Love you Clark

Andrew Clarissa, whens that baby due, the zoo ah the pandas hahahah jkjkjkjkjkjkj, don't hurt me, I just want to be a tio okay. hahah my companion has like a bagillion of those at home. hahah 

Well, I gotta stop, I love you I love you I love the Book of Mormon so Im going to read it more, gotta study, gotta preach, gotta live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is sooo true, it is sooo great to live the way we are supposed to. However, it isn't easy to change, but I know with the help of Jesus Christ the pain can become sweetness and the weekness strength. Ether 12:27

Com Amor,

Elder Anderson

Wow I eat a lot here, Tchau

Monday, September 8, 2014

August 26: Playing the piano for Elder Holland.....

Hello my beloveds, I do love you, so you know,
Well my friends you are speaking to a very privileged young missionary. Last week Elder Holland visited our humble CTM, in which all of the missionaries were able to shake his hand, and one Elder Anderson was able to accompany the choral piece Come Thou Fount. Yes sirrey bob, and mother Elder Holland says thank you for getting me started on the piano and not allowing me to quite. It is true! I stood to make a comment and he said, Elder you played the piano very well, then I mumbled something, and then he said you should tell your mother thank you and congratulations. This was a very special experience. THANK YOU MOOOOOM oh and DAD Im sure he said something about you too. So you see my family I have been richly blessed these past 10 days. The Lord has been mindful of me. I have been privileged to play the piano several times since and with have another opportunity to play this Sunday. Elder and Sister Hale are the couple from Pocatello ID that run some of the details here, Sister Hale is my focus right now because she asks me to play the piano. So, long story short sometimes when you are enjoying a meal food can get messy and then onto your pants. Ironically, both of my tan pants became the victim of this tragedy. But what O, Sister Hale out of no where rescues the poor Elder Anderson with her magical potion of stain remover and delicate washing cycle. I felt sooooooo much love on this day from the Hales. That same day or the following, during a devotional in which they were featured I felt a distinct feeling of love of appreciation from my family, grandparents, and those ancestors in heaven. Athough I did not use translators for this meeting I found the spirit was able to teach me the points I need to know from this meeting. Oh speaking of family, I love to talk to people here at the CTM and in my talking I discover odd family connections. One Sister Angulo from Mexico is familiar with our very own Elder Robbins. She spoke very highly of him and claimed that I was quite similar, and not only in height. Her father served as a mission president in this area for a time so I imagine that Elder Robbins will be able to affirm this account. Sister Angulo is now in the field, but before she and others left, during a leadership meeting with the President of the CTM they shared some wonderful pieces of advice, I found that I understood just about everything and much more than the week before. I believe the Lord will continue to help me understand people and communicate with them as I am obedient and faithful in fulfilling his commandments. Today was my final time attending the Campinas temple, I prayed for how to know how to be loving to others and obedient to God. I feel that by the example of Jesus Christ these are the same, I can be obedient and loving as I keep an eternal perspective and think, What would Jesus do.
Well a few details, Dad how is my debit account, I may purchase a few items today, but I have been spending very little especially when compared my roommates haha. I just didn't have a lot to change into local currency, and I'm not supposed to use the money changers here so im pretty much just using the card. but i don't spend much.
I leave for the Campo, field in a week and about 3 days, I try very hard to only speak Portuguese always and I know this is helping me fulfill my call to serve in Brazil and as Elder Holland said have a spiritual rebirth here in Brazil. Elder Holland LOVES his mission and expressed how Elder Faust who had been like a father to him after his fathers death would begin to dance in the isles of the plane once they crossed the Border to Brazil where he served as a youth. Elder Holland told us that serving a mission is not easy, and live is not easy, because salvation always leads to Garden of Gethsemane. Why discipleship not easy because the atonement was not easy. Elder Holland told use that THIS IS REAL LIFE. He testified that everything in his life was a blessing from his missionary service, he said that he couldn't think of a day when he didn't think of it. I wept that day as I received a special witness from the Holy Ghost that THIS MAN IS CALLED OF GOD AND IF HE IS CALLED OF GOD, SO AM I. I know this is Gods church on the earth, yesterday I spoke with some men from Africa at the Policia Federal and I was able to share with them a book of Mormon and share with them my assistance and testimony.
My time is up,
I love you
Elder Hayden Lewis Anderson

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5: Farewell CTM

Hello my beloveds,
Well let me tell you something it was great to here a bit about your lives: Mother master mind of family matters (and words that start with m), Isaac the future President of our Great Country/Scientist/ Geologist/ Pianist- good on ya, Austin Professional actor, do gooder, and festa frequenter :) love you, and my dear papa who weeps for my absent presence every time he tries to email me hahaha jk love you Dad how true that we need repentance in our lives every day.
I feel that my experience here in the CTM was designed far beyond simply to learn a language, but to learn about charity and how important it is that I posses it. It is the base of all goodness, indeed the very pure love of Christ. 1st Cor 13.1 and Moroni 7:45 ish have been on my mind much the past week and I feel that they are beginning to sink in. I notice the good deeds of my district, I notice the need "hang everything" in order to listen and morn with another in need in order to strengthen this person and to be strengthened in return. I feel this is the root of Companionship. And, today in the Sao Paulo temple which is absolutely the most native decor and beauty that I have here to for seen (try that one on for size ;) haha In this temple I received further guidance on my role as a leader, as a friend, as a missionary, and most importantly as a disciple of Christ. My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. I have strived to be 100 percent obedient and yet I know that I have at times missed an opportunity to love another, yet i do not regret for God has given me repentance through His Son Jesus Christ. Faith is the means by which we receive the most rich blessings, including the gift of tongues. I have faith in the blessings of obedience and I believe for this faith I have been blessed so far with the Portuguese language and yet I know that without the mutual love, respect, and trust in my companion, the Spirit will be restrained to a certain extent. And so my goal is to follow the Prophet who has taught us and continues to teach us as I read in my recently purchased Liahona in Portuguese that Love is the Center of the gospel and that each morning I need to wake of with the goal to love people and look into their eyes and serve them with a humble heart. My companion and I have received many blessings this week evidence that Heavenly Father is helping us with our friendship. Through my experience at the CTM I know that it is by Faith, Hope, and Charity that we fulfill our father's plan, these three, but the greatest of these is Charity. God bless me and my companion that we may bring many into the waters of baptism and the house of the Lord to dwell and to rejoice with gladness and with love for our posterity and for our ancestors who have paved the path for our conversion.
By the way I am Brazilian now. today I went to a Churrascaria (unlimited meat buffet thing) and I broke a sweat, look out Brazilia this guy doesn't fit his pants any more. . haha for real though I'm pushin 200 yall, but I fear not for long, and I hope soo because my suit pants are a bit tight haha I love you, my time is up, but my heart is lifted, and my desire in place, God bless you all, and please forward this to Clark and Clarissa CHCHCHCHAo
Elder Anderson