Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25 Cool Experiences

So there are some Birthdays coming up this month- Dad, Clark, Andrew! wow you guys are getting older- that is life right- I'm getting old to you know. 20 years this July, I don't think I will be this is Area during my birthday I think I will be getting to know a different area. 

Today I went to the Zoo! and maybe sang a little of that song from Simon and Garfunkel I just couldn't remember very much. It was really pretty cool 

This week I had some really cool experiences, let me tell you about them. . . 

So my companion and I were working in a distant land and some commitments had fallen through and my companion started to talk to someone and I looked and realized that is young man had the same deficiency as Nolan, he has 20 years and likes to help his neighbors because he doesn't really feel appreciated in his house all the time- it is like i am talking to a darker version of Nolan. His name is Johnaton and he says that the only thing holding him back from being baptized would be his Mom, but we are going to work with her and the family and it will turn out great. I felt so blessed to be able to get to know this incredible man and his pure desire to be a good neighbor. Really selfless and just like Nolan a complete Angel.

If not the following day the next we were walking in the street and passed a corner were gathered were a few at a snack bar. We passed by and I felt the urge to return. We spoke with all of them one of them a young man named Gabriel of 22 years with the same deficiency as Nolan. He was joking around laughing and it was almost as if Nolan was there joking around as he liked to. He lives alone and works at a beverage distribution center, and will be a bit tough to find and visit, but I felt like God was showing me more love this week, other special children of His that are witnesses of the power of God and His goodness.

I'm very happy to see many of the recent converts strong in the church and the ward members making visits and strengthening the new members and less actives. One man that was baptized a few weeks ago by myself did not return to church and disappeared until today, we found him in the computer lounge. I talked to him and he asked me about the Holy Ghost and some doubts that he had and said he will go to church on Sunday. I can see how it isn't practical to have someone baptized in one day, but I know the Spirit was there that day and that this man is special and needs the Gospel, he is passing through a really rough time and I pray that he will do the right thing. 

The weather is becoming much more dry and I am feeling more at home. If you were to send a package some time soon include some strong sun block. 

I love you all and wish you well in your summer break

Élder Anderson

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 Hello Dearest Ones

Okay so I forgot my pin drive a the house so I don't have a picture to send to you of the awesome lunch and cookies my companion and I made, sorry next time. 

I watched a little of the face to face thing dad, looked really cool. 

Well this week something really special happened and I want to tell you all about it. . . 

So on the 12th before my companion and I returned home I received a call from the assistants inviting me to participate in an a presentation at a political event on the topic of youth. I happily accepted not really knowing exactly what it was, but knowing that I was to sing in a missionary choir for something important- yes. The next day I arrived at the church were we were to practice and found an Élder who was celebrating his birthday- the 13th. I was quickly brought to rememberance of my brother Nolan's birthday, feeling a bit shamed, because I had forgotten, but as the day progressed I realized how the Lord was blessing me to feel Nolan's presance throughout that day. The hymn was divinely selected, "Have I done any good in the world today?" I ended up being the chorister and before the final practice received a strong prompting to share about Nolan and His example of service and simple loving acts of kindness. After the practice I stood by the piano and felt as if Nolan was there, too- strong spirit. Interesting enought there was a Sister that arrived to the mission the day before who accompanied on the violin and happens to play soccer and is blonde- sounds a bit like Sydney- that was cool- too bad it was a viola though. Anyway continuing on. We left for the event, and the excited missionaries began to sing together a variety of music- I felt as if I was will the family on a road trip singing something that Nolan loved  to do as a family. There even was a missionary who was ending his mission that began to sing "Fix You" and I thought of the Choir that Nolan used to Sing in. 

It was as if Nolan had planned all of this out to give me a present on his birthday.

However, when I arrived at the event which was an event to help the youth of Brasília, I encontered a reporter from São Paulo who works for the church and felt prompted to share my experience with her, interestingly enough she has a 3 year old boy who recently suffered a stroke and has partial paralyisis on the right side of the body- just like Nolan. I invited her to read the Ensign from 2010 and was able to share my testimony with her. 

I am so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord and the truth that "families can be together forever through Heavenly Father´s plan". 

Keep your eyes open maybe you will see some pictures of the event in the Liahona.

I love you all my time is a bit short today, my companion is awesome and I am helping all of the missionaries learn english. I know that I am learning how to be a better missionary, better friend, better member, a better leader , and most important a better father. 

I love you all

Élder Anderson

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 After Mother's Day Skype

Well, I have to say it was amazing to talk to you all yesterday, and no I wasn't transferred, but my companion was and I have a new companion from Curitiba who was previously companions with Élder B. Almeida. He is amazing and it looks like we are going to have a lot of fun and a lot of success and work to do. 

I received Clark´s letter with the videos of your jamming wow you guys are incredible.

I'm excited to stay here and I know that the Lord´s work is progressing here a whole lot.

I love you all I will send you a picture of my companion later, everyone says i'm getting taller and thinner, all right then. This transfer is going to be awesome!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Dearest Family IIIIIII am near you, watching your faces on a screen, and your voices sounding, sounding, yes they sound so nice to me, Skype, Skype, Skype, okay that is enough. 

Anyway back to the real world it is good to write you on this the fourth of may what a lovely day. I would like to remind all of us that our very own Lewis Robbins was preached the Gospel on the first day of this month and baptized on the 5th four days later and became as far as I understand the first member of the restored gospel in our family- wow. And all of the trials he passed through because of that decision. And all the blessings that we have received because of the faith of our ancestors that founded our beautiful view of the fullness of all times. Our Tree is astounding, on all sides I see saints, founding fathers of faith that suffered and struggled to fulfill the calling of a Prophet. We aren't much different from them you know, we are all a part of this story, are you writing yours? Are you children or future children proud of this story you are writing? Well I sure hope so, because if not you have got some serious changes to make buster because this life is a privileged you have people depending on you and man I am just ranting, but it is a bit refreshing.

Okay sorry about that I second the words of our dear brother Nolan when he said " I just like to see how we are all connected." Thank you mom for reminding me of those blessed words. This week we passed through some trials, baptismal dates falling through, investigators not going to church and I happened to be a little soft on Sunday, soft enough to bear my testimony and share some tears and a though from the Bible: Elias and his servant were surrounded by an army and the servant was with fear, but Elias said that "They that be with us are more than those that be with them" I felt the support of angels this week and as occurred with Elias Hosts of flaming chariots and angels- the spirits of our loved ones who have passed this life, including Nolan- man I love that guy- yes I am crying. 

But, let´s get to the facts. the ward is improving in strength and the foundation is being built as the members also are facing challenges, but holding true as plans for a new chapel are about to be placed into action. Tomorrow I will do my second and third interviews for baptism, and I am excited for the Spiritual opportunity that is before me, I should start praying. Great counsel from President Erying about the Power of the Priesthood being directly connected to the power of prayer- awesome. We were fasting and visited a woman who has a family completely separated and stuck in the "mundão" as they say "big world" and we invited her to be baptized which she previously had not accepted as to a date specific, yet this time she accepted. We had finished teaching about the plan of Salvation and it was a great testament of the power of fasting to me. Unfortunately she was sick yesterday and couldn't go to church, but we are going to help her be baptized for sure. Maybe I won't be here to see it because there is a transfer this next week and maybe I will leave this good place, but maybe not. Either way I have learned a lot here. I have learned to be a better teacher and preacher of the Gospel, a more patient leader and man I'm still working on this whole leader thing, but I know that God is happy with my efforts- just have to avoid being prideful and love more and serve more and the foundation is set. Make me like Christ

Haha today my companion and I tried making an awesome desert called pudin and I am a little nervous to see how it turned out when we get home, but later I will send you a picture. We also played a little soccer today and I made an awesome goal with curve and everything just out of reach of my companion- fifa. My companion is awesome, before the mission he didn't like to do a lot of stuff that he is learning to like on the mission, his family is completely less active except for a cousin and he still keeps going to faith- he rocks. 

Well just to confirm so 4 hours in the afternoon your time which is 3 hours earlier than my time, so I will be talking to your before I return home and sleep. This time I will be sure to keep the rule about an hour on the skype deal, I think it is an hour. 

Well I love you all, the sun is shining, the tank is clean and I am gonna get out of here. 


Élder Hayden Lewis Anderson

P.S. I would like to mention that I have found an example of a Priesthood man here in Brazil named Emerson, wow I feel like I new him in Heaven, he is an amazing example to me on fulfilling his Priesthood duties of a father and a member missionary. I have so many wonderful examples in my life- God must love me- wants me to be good.