Monday, October 6, 2014

Wow, I love you guys!

Oh dear family, you guys are sooo beautiful, wow. I love you all. Dad sent me a photo of you guys and you just glow. Well my dear family I'm glad to hear Isaac is growing in spirit and in body LOVE YOU ISAAC! Austin you are tall and beautiful, I'm sorry to hear about the Brother that passed away, that is very sad. Clark, how are the ladies, I hear the job selecting is going well, love you man, your music is great. Andrew you look like a new born child without you beard and Clarissa you are incredible o goodness you guys look amazing my beautiful mother and father, wow, sharp. 

Well this week.. . . it rained like crazy in Santo Antônio, holy moly, i always joke, they are the waters of baptism and I believe we have to firm dates for this weekend YA I hope I get to Baptise Danilo, he is the awesome youth I talked to on Sunday, I really feel the spirit from him, especially when he prayers, really cool. 

Oh folks, have I had problems with my bowels this week. I remember Clark saying that he had Diarrhea all the time, but I really hope this clears out, I'm going to make some more heath changes, but i bought and have been eating more fruits and vegetables- soooo good. 

Wasn't conference amazing? I especially was touched by the question Elder Utchdorf repeated over and over, "Lord, is it I" I know that as I keep the commandments, and accomplish goals, and live like Jesus Christ, I can be a good influence and will be able to see myself as God sees me, and that is what is important. 

I'm a lot happier when i talk with people all sorts of people. I remember the counsel in my patriarchal blessing that I should take prompt action to establish righteousness and goodness and if I lead out in faith, wisdom, and courage, many will follow. I want to qualify for the blessings promised in my blessing. 

Well my family other people are needing to use the computer, I had a zone activity today some Brazilian elders cook a churrascaia, muito carna, we played soccer, basketball, the works. It was awesome. 

Well I have some photos hear for you, oh one other thing this week I got to go to Aguas Lindas for a day and invited a family to be baptised and the mother said the "with all her heart" she wanted to and I feel the family is bound for glory, haha we did a service project, making a swimming pool the tile and stuff in between and my legs got burnt pretty bad, haha I had a huge bag for this weekend and man has it been annoying to carry it all around this city, I'm going to buy a back bag and pack light from now on. 

Mom thanks for the beautiful email, I at times miss the beautiful sights, smells, and land that I'm know, but I know that I have work to do here and I will be obedient and serve God and the people of Brazil. 

Okay I have to stop, Love you all


p.s the photos, one is with a fruit Jaka it is huge and no you dont eat that part, the photo with the sun is my favorite part of my area, a bunch of mormons live there it is a farm and man I ate a ton of Galhinada there one time. oh and the other is with my mission president at a ward activity. 


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