Monday, September 29, 2014

Tender Mercies

Okay first things first: You guys really didn't receive any letters from me? I sent several. . . hmm, well we might have expected that one. Oh I'm going to try and send you guys some pictures, see how that goes. haha, oh so I thought of something else you could put in the charity box, some supplements maybe, vitamins, i don't know, i'm trying to make sure i eat my fruits and vegetables, but my companion is all about the carne hahaha, he is Paulista to the core. He dad owns a Salgados,salty snacks ya know the good stuff,  in Sao Paulo and man does he know how to cook. Oh which brings me to:

The Most exciting thing that happened this week which was an activity that my companion and I put together, mainly him, but I helped. . . a cooking competition to unify our ward, it was a great activity we had 3 families that are investigating the church there and a our mission president came and provided a thought and man was he great to have there. Oh did we cook, well thank heavens no, but i was going to try stir fry, but thankfully we didn't have time. 

Well, I'm glad to hear Isaac and Clay are walking in the straight and Narrow path, that is awesome. As a missionary you will have many opportunities to focus on things other than your inviting people to come to Christ, it is very important that you boys are keeping focused on your purpose as young men preparing to receive the Priesthood of God; I feel this Priesthood power as I preach, serve, and love, the people hear in Brasil.

Well, I'll tell you the People here know how to eat meat, holy cow, and chicken, and pig, and hopefully that is all; the meat is very good. However, yesterday I was a little concerned I was eating to much, the word of Wisdom is for real my friends, and wow i feel like you can tell so easily the effect of addiction has on the older folks here, man some of them are doing great, but the others, well. I have a testimony that if we keep the commandments we will prosper in the land. 

Okay so I have seen some MIRACLES on my mission and many of them have to do with my brother Nolan. I feel the many of these are personal witnesses that the work I am involved in is Eternal and that Nolan is an amazing missionary RIGHT NOW and for always, what an example he is for me. I believe the 138th section of Doctrine and Covenants, some specific versus there were special for me, I'm sure Nolan is blowing the trumpet he tried to play on this earth just like his childhood hero Moroni atop the temples, Moroni happens to be the Name of my companion. Yesterday I passed a woman on the way to church who had the same disability as Nolan except on the other side, Oh, I believe in the final verse of the first chapter of Nephi! Tender Mercies.

CLAAAARRRRRK haha, love you Clark, I found a chord to the music machine and I've been listening to your lovely music in the mornings, thank you sooooo much, and wow let me tell you the pain in my head some times trying to understand people is kind of discouraging, but I feel like when I try to understand, and contribute people are always willing to help and wow a bus can go from a cemetery to a playground when you sincerely try to get to know some one and introduce who you represent and what you have to offer, wow. Oh i'm going to add the picture of you look a like. This Elder is an assistant and is swell, reminds me of you. 

Austin, soar like an eagle my son, don't beat me up to bad when i get home, i'm trying to keep in shape, but oh the other day i played ball with the elders and I really did too much jumping, my knee won't have any more of that. I can't believe you actually dunked it, that isnt true, prove it, ahha

Isaac, I'm helping 2 10 year olds

prepare for baptism, yesterday was there first time going to church on sunday and I felt good helping them be reverant and such, man who knows what they could grow up to be some day, kinda like you Isaac, you may go to the moon and find some cool rocks that no one has ever found before, or become a Stake President like President Bowden ;)

Well, Today I spent pday in Brasilia, you will see i have attached a picture of a unique building there, pretty cool there some serious architecture, but i am most pleased with a young man a met on the bus today, wow it feels great to be a representative of Jesus Christ as i learn to love people and invite them to come unto Him. Well, I think I better get out of here. My zone is setting it's "sights from stun, to kill" name that movie, goals are being set, faith is being exercised, I believe more lessons will be taught this week, and yes i do believe, "the baptisms are coming, the baptisms are coming! hoorah" HAHAHA  much love to you all, oh and one more miracle, Elder Burock gave me his blue poweranger to remind me of Nolan, wow, of all the things he could have, a blue poweranger. Nolan's favorite

haha we had a Mission Devocional yesterday with president, haha I played the piano for 3 special musical numbers and clark I played the IDE POR TUDO MUNDO HINO it was great

Oh and father I can't seem to find my priesthood line of authority, I hope I didn't leave it in my temple bag, but please send me that info, thank you. How unique is that, I can track my priesthood line back to Jesus Christ, wow. This is His Church.

Oh and yes that address I sent was correct,


Elder Anderson

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