Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25 Cool Experiences

So there are some Birthdays coming up this month- Dad, Clark, Andrew! wow you guys are getting older- that is life right- I'm getting old to you know. 20 years this July, I don't think I will be this is Area during my birthday I think I will be getting to know a different area. 

Today I went to the Zoo! and maybe sang a little of that song from Simon and Garfunkel I just couldn't remember very much. It was really pretty cool 

This week I had some really cool experiences, let me tell you about them. . . 

So my companion and I were working in a distant land and some commitments had fallen through and my companion started to talk to someone and I looked and realized that is young man had the same deficiency as Nolan, he has 20 years and likes to help his neighbors because he doesn't really feel appreciated in his house all the time- it is like i am talking to a darker version of Nolan. His name is Johnaton and he says that the only thing holding him back from being baptized would be his Mom, but we are going to work with her and the family and it will turn out great. I felt so blessed to be able to get to know this incredible man and his pure desire to be a good neighbor. Really selfless and just like Nolan a complete Angel.

If not the following day the next we were walking in the street and passed a corner were gathered were a few at a snack bar. We passed by and I felt the urge to return. We spoke with all of them one of them a young man named Gabriel of 22 years with the same deficiency as Nolan. He was joking around laughing and it was almost as if Nolan was there joking around as he liked to. He lives alone and works at a beverage distribution center, and will be a bit tough to find and visit, but I felt like God was showing me more love this week, other special children of His that are witnesses of the power of God and His goodness.

I'm very happy to see many of the recent converts strong in the church and the ward members making visits and strengthening the new members and less actives. One man that was baptized a few weeks ago by myself did not return to church and disappeared until today, we found him in the computer lounge. I talked to him and he asked me about the Holy Ghost and some doubts that he had and said he will go to church on Sunday. I can see how it isn't practical to have someone baptized in one day, but I know the Spirit was there that day and that this man is special and needs the Gospel, he is passing through a really rough time and I pray that he will do the right thing. 

The weather is becoming much more dry and I am feeling more at home. If you were to send a package some time soon include some strong sun block. 

I love you all and wish you well in your summer break

√Člder Anderson

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