Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 Hello Dearest Ones

Okay so I forgot my pin drive a the house so I don't have a picture to send to you of the awesome lunch and cookies my companion and I made, sorry next time. 

I watched a little of the face to face thing dad, looked really cool. 

Well this week something really special happened and I want to tell you all about it. . . 

So on the 12th before my companion and I returned home I received a call from the assistants inviting me to participate in an a presentation at a political event on the topic of youth. I happily accepted not really knowing exactly what it was, but knowing that I was to sing in a missionary choir for something important- yes. The next day I arrived at the church were we were to practice and found an Élder who was celebrating his birthday- the 13th. I was quickly brought to rememberance of my brother Nolan's birthday, feeling a bit shamed, because I had forgotten, but as the day progressed I realized how the Lord was blessing me to feel Nolan's presance throughout that day. The hymn was divinely selected, "Have I done any good in the world today?" I ended up being the chorister and before the final practice received a strong prompting to share about Nolan and His example of service and simple loving acts of kindness. After the practice I stood by the piano and felt as if Nolan was there, too- strong spirit. Interesting enought there was a Sister that arrived to the mission the day before who accompanied on the violin and happens to play soccer and is blonde- sounds a bit like Sydney- that was cool- too bad it was a viola though. Anyway continuing on. We left for the event, and the excited missionaries began to sing together a variety of music- I felt as if I was will the family on a road trip singing something that Nolan loved  to do as a family. There even was a missionary who was ending his mission that began to sing "Fix You" and I thought of the Choir that Nolan used to Sing in. 

It was as if Nolan had planned all of this out to give me a present on his birthday.

However, when I arrived at the event which was an event to help the youth of Brasília, I encontered a reporter from São Paulo who works for the church and felt prompted to share my experience with her, interestingly enough she has a 3 year old boy who recently suffered a stroke and has partial paralyisis on the right side of the body- just like Nolan. I invited her to read the Ensign from 2010 and was able to share my testimony with her. 

I am so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord and the truth that "families can be together forever through Heavenly Father´s plan". 

Keep your eyes open maybe you will see some pictures of the event in the Liahona.

I love you all my time is a bit short today, my companion is awesome and I am helping all of the missionaries learn english. I know that I am learning how to be a better missionary, better friend, better member, a better leader , and most important a better father. 

I love you all

Élder Anderson

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