Monday, December 14, 2015

Palmas is the "city of cities" of this state!

The minute I stepped off the bus my friends I could feel a significant difference in the air here- much more humid. And you know what that means. . . wet Élder Anderson all day long. HAHAHA I think I have a little bit more of a taste of what Clark experienced in Vitória, but on a smaller scale. Man it is a bit more toasty here, but I tell you what it is super organized and quite beautiful. Not to mention the amazing ward and stake that exists here. Holy cow I almost cried when a member drove us around the city in which we also visited the amazing chapels. I mean just imagine, beautiful well cared chapels, with large soccer courts and people, members, ya you can imagine how I felt after staying in Planaltina for so long where they have not yet received such facilities. Man this is a blessed place. 

My companion is Élder Schinigoski as a told you all before. He is going home this transfer, so you can imagine how that makes me feel when he talks about. .  it, hahah no, but it is just a little weird.. . . to think about. Anyway this week was great, and we are planing on  an even better one next week. We had some difficutly with investigators in the church this week, but we'll do better this week. 

Man did I mention that this city is like "city of cities" of this state. ya so sounds like the city was build like Brasília was built. My companion tells me we are like assistents to the President here in Palmas because we are so long from where they are. The city is all christmasy, can you beleive that, ya awesome, this area is a bit more weathly than I'm used to working in, but I'm not complaining. 

Today my companion and I went to the mall to buy a suit for my compaion who will go home in 5 weeks. We also prepared a small skit as a zone to share in the Christmas conference next week. It should get a few laughs. hahahha

Well, it has been good to work with such a good and experienced missionary this week. Not that I'm really young on the mission, but I love to learn something from all of my companions and it is such a priviledge to work in God's work for the salvation of souls, including our very own. God is at the Helm of this Ship. I believe that is a testimony that I have developed as a missionary is to trust in Him and in His power and that He will provide a way if i keep His commandments.


Èlder Anderson

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