Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas


Super excited to talk to my fam this friday! It will be awesome! 

This week was great! I got to go on splits with my buddy Élder Barreto who I trained about 10 months ago! He is a district leader in our zone know and it was great to work with him a bit. haha My companion Élder Schinigoski is awesome, finishing his mission soon, but we are determined to finish baptizing and thanks to Heavenly Father we Baptized Rodrigo yesterday. I love how the stake is applying some recent counsel from the area presidency about retention efforts! Rodrigo is being well integrated and will soon  receive the priesthood and a calling which helps people stay active and continue progressing. I had a special opportunity on Saturday to interview a man who is starting to trail that path of righteousness, but he has done some things in the past which won't allow him to be baptized right now, but I know that God loves all of His children and He is waiting for all of us to accept His Grace and be saved by it, so that we may be happy here on earth and in the heavens. The ward here is amazing. they put on a Christmas activity that was top notch! food, choir, and the members brought many investigators. I felt so strongly while the choir sang a song from the primary " He sent his son" the spirit during the final phrase that was "we must follow Jesus". I know that Christ is the Gift during This season and we must receive him by following his example. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.
I HAVE TO GO, but about the american, he is a returned missionary that is going to marry a brazilian returned missionary, ya pretty crazy right. 
love you 

´[Elder Anderson

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