Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfer to Palmas

Hey Folks, Transfers were today. I'm going to PALMAS! That is a 12 hour bus ride northward. I will be Zone leader with Élder Schnigoski who will be going home this transfer. He is a great missionary from Paraná, we passed a few transfers together in Santo Antôntio and I'm pumped to be able to work with him. Èlder Patterson is serving in the same state, but he is the zone leader of another zone, but we may see each other more often now. Well, not a whole lot of time to share news, but I'm well, we baptized 2 people yesterday. And the branch is in route to receive the chapel that they much desire. I'm sitting here in the chapel of the "south wing" in Brasília listening to Élder Christensen from st. George play some sweet tunes on the Piano. We will hope on the bus in a couple of hours and by morning we will arrive in the state of Tocantins. Well I love you all and I'm thankful for your love.

Merry Christmas!!

Élder Anderson

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