Monday, January 4, 2016

I Know that God has Grandma in His Hands/Joy/Gratitude

Man I'm really sad to hear about Grandma, but I know that God has her in His hands and that she is being well taken care of and is feeling free from her earthy stresses and that brings me joyful thoughts of gratitude. 
I wanted so much to send some pictures to you guys today, but once again- I am technologically unable and the little time I have doesn't help.  Today we went to a waterfall as a zone and took a few pictures. Man I felt like I was in a Book of Mormon seen. Wow I was in the Jungle- I even saw a monkey! He was throwing stuff at me from the tree tops. Luckily we didn't see any snakes! ahhaa, but it was super cool, but also a little stressful trying to handle everything as leaders, thankfully everything turned out okay. Man I tell you what I know that there are three things that help me so much with the load that I have in my life and as a missionary: Prayer, Scripture Study, and the Sacrament. This morning I woke up feeling heavy and I felt to slump to my knees, I began to feel lighter and the love that Christ has for me. I was reminded of the special hymn "Did you think to Pray?". I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ works and is true, because I use it in my life. I hope all of us may apply the atonement of Christ to help heal us. 
Love you all, I have to go, more info next week

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