Monday, March 21, 2016

A Burro named Hayden...July 22nd! Sorry Clark and Amber...Dog Pile on Elder Hayden!

"Please! Don't! SPARE MEEEEEE!" 

Name that movie. Keep in mind the idea as well because I am sooooo sorry that I put the wrong date down in my last email. In Portuguese we call this "Burro" ya like something a donkey would do. Ya,but hey let's look on the bright side. JULY 22 is a bit earlier right? Anyway it is still a while from now, but i will see you all in a month or two on mother's day speaking of which, Mothers are certainly a blessing our lives and I'm so happy to have a mother who is sooo patient and loving with her children ever since I can remember and when I don't I just look at the picture of her holding me when I was a little baby whispering in my ear, ya you the picture the really big one in her room . . . ya anyway we all know who is the favorite child. hahahahahahahahhaqhahahahahahahahaha "jokes, jokes". shout out to the parkster one of his phrases from when I saw him like 4 years ago. How is BYU IDAHO?

Anyway where was I oh yes mothers and the love I have for mother and the importance of respecting our mothers and treating them well. Well I think it well that we recall on the recent references of the prophets and apostles in General Conference and recognize the words of God from Apostles such as Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, and others. I remember when I was in the MTC in São Paulo and when Èlder Holland told me specifically that I should thank my mother for encouraging me to learn the piano- how did he know that? Who knows, but i do know that without my dear mother I wouldn't be on the mission today and wouldn't have acquired half of the abilities of gifts I have received in my short period of life if it wasn't for my mother. I know Mother's day is still a ways away, but I would hope that all of us could take some time to thank our mothers this week. 

Time is up I have to go. 

I love you all, I'm going to work really hard this week and I will pray for all of you

Élder Anderson

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