Monday, April 4, 2016

Baptism Fever and Only one Misspelled the Missionary Trunky?

Okay I think that makes things sound like I'm a bit trunky, but the truth is that I'm super excited for another transfer and hope to stay here in Paracatu to baptize a bunch more people! 

Saturday our district had a few baptisms the five of which i was able to interview! I love interviewing it is sooo great, very spiritual. The Sisters baptized a family who they found this transfer who stopped smoking, drinking beer and coffee and got married so they could be baptized . . . 

just a quick side note, it is amazing how everyone just loves to run to the hospital here in Brazil, whatever happens just go to the hospital. We ran a Sister just now, but it seems like I have had to do that a billion times and like it was nothing out of the ordinary. I would like to quote a phrase from Mr. Hansen my History teacher from High School. "When you have someone do for you what you can do for yourself- you are on the path to self-destruction." Hallelujah thanks for that wonderful insight Mr. Hansen. It seems like a bit of a cultural difference, the healthcare system is different. . 

anyway where were we. . . oh yes so this family is super cool and I am so blessed to see the Gospel help these people change for the better- incredible. Oh and Eron showed up at his confirmation on Sunday looking good with my old shirt and tie that I gave him- awesome family #templebound. 

Oh so conference we here in Paracatu are going to watch next week because internet connections here not to good. However I was able to watch the last session on Sunday and was very pleased to here the words of èlder Hale about revelation and following spiritual guidance, the words of èlder Gong about forgivness and some other good stuff/ opposition, èlder Hollands words about Heavenly Father's love for us were also very comforting. It was a wonderful and spiritually motivating experience. 

This week a man stopped me in the street and said, "Hey do have a Book of Mormon for me I lost mine like 10 years ago." Turns out he is a member and showed up at church on Sunday with His girlfriend/wife and we are going to visit them and their four children tonight. He seems like a swell guy and will certainly help the group grow into a branch soon enough. 

I'm starting to realize that all the oportunites I have here on the mission are helping me become a more worthy and prepared preisthood holder, teacher and future father. It is difficult, but it is worth it and it is God's will for me. 


Èlder Anderson

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