Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 19th Hitting the Brazillian Streets with a testimony, a loving heart and VERY little Portuguese!

Hola Familia! My preparation day turned out to be today because we have to be cleared by the police on Friday. hahahah I love you all!!! Mom, Dad, Andrew, Clarissa, Clark, Austin, Isaac, of course Nolan, God bless you all, I'm soo glad to hear about the good things that are going on back home. I pray for you in your trials- Dad you are hanging in there ya? Things starting to cool down with school? Just remember to sing a hymn if you feel discouraged. :) love you. Well, I I am reminded every so often of the name I wear on my chest which is Jesus Christ. I know that because he died for us we can be with our families forever. WE HAVE ETERNITY. I want to share this hope with others here in Brazil.
I feel like my Portugues is coming well, I'm trying very hard to be a good senior companion to Elder Goodsell, but most importantly a good friend. I know that each challenge I am experiencing now can be an opportunity for me to learn and grow if I endure, living the teachings of the Savior.
I just ate soooo much food, my favorite meal fajoando( if that is how you spell it) basically rice with beans in a meaty stew, wow, I feel like i set a record. haha. This Wednesday our District is going to hit the streets of Brazil with Books of Mormon and Proselyte! I hope to bear my testimony in a simple loving manner, listening for the promptings of the Spirit to guide my companion and I.
By the way I have sent some letters, have you received any of them? I should be sending one for Andrew and Clarissa today. :)
Hey Austin, I hear you pretty much a grown man back home? awesome man. Don't you just love Seminary? What is the news about the play? I love you Auzy.
Mom thank you so much for telling me about the talk you were preparing with dad "Love- the Essence of the Gospel." I studied it last week and I really needed to reset my focus. I think that is part of not "running faster than I have strength", without a smile and love in my heart, this work is very difficult. How did the talk go by the way?
Isaac, how is the ant farm, and wow your birthday is coming right up huh! I may need to send you another letter huh? Are you going to Lava Ridge yet? No, one more year at Coral Cliffs huh? How are your piano lessons? I get to use my piano skills alllllll the time hear in the CTM, in fact I get to play today. I have felt such a peace at times while playing sacred tunes on the piano, what a blessing. THANKS MOM.
Clark, you'd be glad to hear that I wear your plaque every so often :) I feel pretty awesome actually :) oh I think I purchase some index cards or something today for that idea you had about putting them on objects, my companion didn't like the directions idea though ahhahaha.
Andrew and Clarissa, hopefully you will receive my letter soon. Please let me know what is going on in you Job world and Family world :) How is the book coming Clarissa? have you started the next one yet?
Well, my family. I'm going to smile much more this week, speak no English (okay probably a tiny bit), and I hope as I strive to be 100 percent obedient, I will be able to set an encouraging example and my companion and I will become friends and colleagues in the work of the Lord.
Love, my family, Love, that is what I have for you,
Elder Anderson

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  1. That's all a missionary needs is a testimony and a loving heart. The Brazilians will do the rest for you. He will be well taken care of. This I know.

    Brother Orchard