Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5: Farewell CTM

Hello my beloveds,
Well let me tell you something it was great to here a bit about your lives: Mother master mind of family matters (and words that start with m), Isaac the future President of our Great Country/Scientist/ Geologist/ Pianist- good on ya, Austin Professional actor, do gooder, and festa frequenter :) love you, and my dear papa who weeps for my absent presence every time he tries to email me hahaha jk love you Dad how true that we need repentance in our lives every day.
I feel that my experience here in the CTM was designed far beyond simply to learn a language, but to learn about charity and how important it is that I posses it. It is the base of all goodness, indeed the very pure love of Christ. 1st Cor 13.1 and Moroni 7:45 ish have been on my mind much the past week and I feel that they are beginning to sink in. I notice the good deeds of my district, I notice the need "hang everything" in order to listen and morn with another in need in order to strengthen this person and to be strengthened in return. I feel this is the root of Companionship. And, today in the Sao Paulo temple which is absolutely the most native decor and beauty that I have here to for seen (try that one on for size ;) haha In this temple I received further guidance on my role as a leader, as a friend, as a missionary, and most importantly as a disciple of Christ. My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. I have strived to be 100 percent obedient and yet I know that I have at times missed an opportunity to love another, yet i do not regret for God has given me repentance through His Son Jesus Christ. Faith is the means by which we receive the most rich blessings, including the gift of tongues. I have faith in the blessings of obedience and I believe for this faith I have been blessed so far with the Portuguese language and yet I know that without the mutual love, respect, and trust in my companion, the Spirit will be restrained to a certain extent. And so my goal is to follow the Prophet who has taught us and continues to teach us as I read in my recently purchased Liahona in Portuguese that Love is the Center of the gospel and that each morning I need to wake of with the goal to love people and look into their eyes and serve them with a humble heart. My companion and I have received many blessings this week evidence that Heavenly Father is helping us with our friendship. Through my experience at the CTM I know that it is by Faith, Hope, and Charity that we fulfill our father's plan, these three, but the greatest of these is Charity. God bless me and my companion that we may bring many into the waters of baptism and the house of the Lord to dwell and to rejoice with gladness and with love for our posterity and for our ancestors who have paved the path for our conversion.
By the way I am Brazilian now. today I went to a Churrascaria (unlimited meat buffet thing) and I broke a sweat, look out Brazilia this guy doesn't fit his pants any more. . haha for real though I'm pushin 200 yall, but I fear not for long, and I hope soo because my suit pants are a bit tight haha I love you, my time is up, but my heart is lifted, and my desire in place, God bless you all, and please forward this to Clark and Clarissa CHCHCHCHAo
Elder Anderson

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