Monday, September 8, 2014

August 26: Playing the piano for Elder Holland.....

Hello my beloveds, I do love you, so you know,
Well my friends you are speaking to a very privileged young missionary. Last week Elder Holland visited our humble CTM, in which all of the missionaries were able to shake his hand, and one Elder Anderson was able to accompany the choral piece Come Thou Fount. Yes sirrey bob, and mother Elder Holland says thank you for getting me started on the piano and not allowing me to quite. It is true! I stood to make a comment and he said, Elder you played the piano very well, then I mumbled something, and then he said you should tell your mother thank you and congratulations. This was a very special experience. THANK YOU MOOOOOM oh and DAD Im sure he said something about you too. So you see my family I have been richly blessed these past 10 days. The Lord has been mindful of me. I have been privileged to play the piano several times since and with have another opportunity to play this Sunday. Elder and Sister Hale are the couple from Pocatello ID that run some of the details here, Sister Hale is my focus right now because she asks me to play the piano. So, long story short sometimes when you are enjoying a meal food can get messy and then onto your pants. Ironically, both of my tan pants became the victim of this tragedy. But what O, Sister Hale out of no where rescues the poor Elder Anderson with her magical potion of stain remover and delicate washing cycle. I felt sooooooo much love on this day from the Hales. That same day or the following, during a devotional in which they were featured I felt a distinct feeling of love of appreciation from my family, grandparents, and those ancestors in heaven. Athough I did not use translators for this meeting I found the spirit was able to teach me the points I need to know from this meeting. Oh speaking of family, I love to talk to people here at the CTM and in my talking I discover odd family connections. One Sister Angulo from Mexico is familiar with our very own Elder Robbins. She spoke very highly of him and claimed that I was quite similar, and not only in height. Her father served as a mission president in this area for a time so I imagine that Elder Robbins will be able to affirm this account. Sister Angulo is now in the field, but before she and others left, during a leadership meeting with the President of the CTM they shared some wonderful pieces of advice, I found that I understood just about everything and much more than the week before. I believe the Lord will continue to help me understand people and communicate with them as I am obedient and faithful in fulfilling his commandments. Today was my final time attending the Campinas temple, I prayed for how to know how to be loving to others and obedient to God. I feel that by the example of Jesus Christ these are the same, I can be obedient and loving as I keep an eternal perspective and think, What would Jesus do.
Well a few details, Dad how is my debit account, I may purchase a few items today, but I have been spending very little especially when compared my roommates haha. I just didn't have a lot to change into local currency, and I'm not supposed to use the money changers here so im pretty much just using the card. but i don't spend much.
I leave for the Campo, field in a week and about 3 days, I try very hard to only speak Portuguese always and I know this is helping me fulfill my call to serve in Brazil and as Elder Holland said have a spiritual rebirth here in Brazil. Elder Holland LOVES his mission and expressed how Elder Faust who had been like a father to him after his fathers death would begin to dance in the isles of the plane once they crossed the Border to Brazil where he served as a youth. Elder Holland told us that serving a mission is not easy, and live is not easy, because salvation always leads to Garden of Gethsemane. Why discipleship not easy because the atonement was not easy. Elder Holland told use that THIS IS REAL LIFE. He testified that everything in his life was a blessing from his missionary service, he said that he couldn't think of a day when he didn't think of it. I wept that day as I received a special witness from the Holy Ghost that THIS MAN IS CALLED OF GOD AND IF HE IS CALLED OF GOD, SO AM I. I know this is Gods church on the earth, yesterday I spoke with some men from Africa at the Policia Federal and I was able to share with them a book of Mormon and share with them my assistance and testimony.
My time is up,
I love you
Elder Hayden Lewis Anderson

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