Monday, September 22, 2014

"We Are Lead Today By God Through A Living Prophet" Elder HA

Hello familia!
A care package wow well, I suppose to name a few: peanut butter (of course) um I'm probably going to need more garments in the future, not sure how that works, oh well I'll call someone, pictures of you, and my grand parents( wow I have felt a lot of love for them this week, a lot of appreciation, Thanks Grandma and Grandpa you are guys are really amazing and I want to be with you guys forever!) wow i don't know i guess letters from you guys if that is possible, drawings oh dad I want you to draw me a blue power ranger, please, that would be awesome. yah i guess i need to figure out how to send you guys some photos through the computer so i guess I'm going to buy a adapter of some sort to accomplish this, well besides this, I guess whatever tickles your fancy, yup. . . 

Well I have to  bear my testimony that I also know that we are lead today by Prophets and Apostles of God who possess his same priesthood, this Power was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith, he truly is the Prophet of the Restoration. I find that when the Spirit tells me to bear testimony of this truth, I don't feel afraid. I felt this the other day in the house of our bishop, we were jantaring (dinnering) with them and the brother of the bishop's wife is not a member and we watched the film of the Restoration before/during jantar. Before this experience I truly felt sincere love and care for this man and felt to ask him after if he felt that the experience Joseph had was true, he said yes and we are going to teach him more this week, I believe he has a sincere heart and I believe that the Spirit will touch him and prompt him to be baptized.

haha so every Sunday and I think once during the week, the huge catholic church next to us blasts its music to the world and man, I guess it strengthens my testimony when I hear the bands they have playing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True, their church may scream louder, but we have the truth and that is what is most comforting.

Well, yesterday I sat by a young man during church and asked him if he would like to hold the same priesthood that his friends have, he said yes with a smile and we are going to teach him this week with his good friend Paulino with a baptismal date for the following week, I hope I get to Baptize him, haha that same meeting I received some nice notes from some little kids, wow that felt great, Sacrament meeting is kind of crazy people are all over the place, but I feel peace all the same and when I took the opportunity to help someone rather that criticize someone I saw some miracles from tiny dudes. 

Oh, I'm sorry dad I'm glad to hear that you are saving souls and enduring with patience, wow you have a special calling and wow I know you are doing a great job, keep it up!

Austin, Way to go my man, Sounds like a success and I hope you learned some good things about leadership from this experience, and know that there is still more to learn, from the paper-work, and interviews that are to come, I remember being touched by the testimony of Brother Beezly during our interview of the Good that I had done and helped others do. 

Mother, are you blogging? Tech mother to the rescue! that is it, that is it. Halloween costume maybe, maybe not. please let me know what costumes you guys wear. love you mom

Isaac, I sent you a letter i hope you receive it soon, you birthday is coming up no?

Well I feel once again that I have been here forever, which I have, but you know you guys are worth it, and so is President, I write him too, oh and I sent an email to Syd today too, that was good. 

Well, I'm trying to obey the word of wisdom here in Brazil, there is a lot of good meat to eat and a lot of people like Coke. Especially my companion, haha but all is well and melhorando, getting better, we have an activity this weekend with our Ward it is going to be great, lots of food and people, and activity, I hope there are good things to follow.

Oh last thing. Last week we had a mission conference with President and Elder Mazegardi of the seventy. President and Sister Lundgren are sooo funny. Well, right before our quartet was going to sing, Boom the power goes out. We then sing Brightly beams our fathers mercy and felt the spirit and a thought came to mind that "we are the light", especially in a room full of missionaries and then I thought again, no "He" is the light, we are the lantern of the instrument in which His light is shown. Well needless to say I felt with certainty that Nolan was trying to tell me that he loved me, indeed knowing that Elder M had chosen this hymn and that I was asked to sing was a tender mercy and what's more is that Elder M spoke about those Spirits who are involved in his great work amongst other great things he spoke of Prophets and Apostles and Authority. This is the true church of God on the Earth, My brother IS involved in this work, I need to feast upon the words of the prophets for they are the word of God and then will my tongue be loosed, then will I speak with the tongues of Angels 3 Nephi 32:3. 

By the way I believe the Gift of Tongues is Real and that it is a gift of the Spirit, that being said I speak much better when I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary, in every way. Oh and Clark I am applying your tactics, sticky notes. . . but my companion and I haven't applied the other a lot, it is a little dangerous. haha there is an Elder Clark in my zone and he reminds me a ton of you Clark haha today we played Basketball and he was posting up with me and I was like hey this is kinda familiar haha #4thofJuly Love you Clark

Andrew Clarissa, whens that baby due, the zoo ah the pandas hahahah jkjkjkjkjkjkj, don't hurt me, I just want to be a tio okay. hahah my companion has like a bagillion of those at home. hahah 

Well, I gotta stop, I love you I love you I love the Book of Mormon so Im going to read it more, gotta study, gotta preach, gotta live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is sooo true, it is sooo great to live the way we are supposed to. However, it isn't easy to change, but I know with the help of Jesus Christ the pain can become sweetness and the weekness strength. Ether 12:27

Com Amor,

Elder Anderson

Wow I eat a lot here, Tchau

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