Monday, November 17, 2014

"Time to Make the Best of Time..."

Dear Family, Name that TUUUUUNE or BAAAND i know iknow hahaha

I say this because P-day is over and I'm sending email. yes i know, but my companion was robbed today, yes it is true, by a crook no, heavens no, BY THE BANK. But trust me he isn't the only one many other missionaries had the same thing happen to them, but we weren't smart enough or have the gusto to find a different bank, I was apprehensive and i think i still have my money, i think. the mission money that is.

Well, what amazing letters father whoa I hope to eat the fruit of your labors when I return and enjoy the yard, thank you for your testimony this week the leadership of our ward including the missionaries had a training that was absolutely wonderful and helped my realize the importance of the phrase Elder Utchorf i think said "Unite and Serve" how important this is and oh dearest mother of mine how important I realize is the application of the atonement realizing that no one save our Savior is perfect and we all have to repent and love one another. These are the teachings of our living prophet. I definitely feel a change in my heart, a desire to repent, and I really do Love my job by the way. 

OH and by the way I looked really quickly at my blog but my companion said I cant go to other sites. 

But my time is up i am sorry, but today's pday was hardly a pday, but I love you all, God loves us, I mentioned that we have a new companionship here? The work is progressing, 

Love you All

ELder Anderson

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