Monday, November 3, 2014

Missionary Work Blesses the Giver AND Receiver

Firstly, i would like to appoligize for last week, I discovered that any type of real time chatting is not allowed- dad you were right, I felt a little odd too, but I my companion has been doing it ever since he as been out here and I was so excited to talk to you guys. Well, until Christmas yah!

Well, I feel bad for last week's letter and I want to improve the information that is most important with you all and I feel that has to do with what I'm learning and the progress of my area and things of that nature so here goes. 

Yesterday I gave a blessing in Portuguese to some one I didn't know before hand, he can't speak, but I blessed him that his mind and body would be capable to receive the revelations the Lord wants to give him. Elder Seth Neleman and Elder Sales visited our area yesterday and because Elder Seth wasn't feeling well,it was my oportunity to make some visits with Elder Sales. Elder Sales is finishing his mission and I hope to become reaquainted with him after the mission as he will be attending BYU . He has a an immense faith and testimony and shared some powerful doctrine and testimony with me that he has received through prayer and scripture study and fast. He is a great Example for me. 

His example includes a topic I studied this morning in regards to the Word of Wisdom. My heavens, I was in pain yesterday after the meal, because I ate too much. It was the most uncomortable I can recall, the time after a wonderful meal which because of my foolishness turned painful and affected my ability to administer in my sacred calling. The Word of Wisdom really is a Word of Wisdom and I realized that in Elder Sales tambĂ©m. 

He taught me this super cool way to eat mango too, you kinda work it over in you hands until is is soft, then you bite one end, and he says it is like the milk from a cow, you suck the goodness from the mango and you don't get stuff in your teeth! 

I have a goal to become more familiar with the food here in brazil and make one new meal every week so far i have made cuz cuz, kind of a corn meal chow, it is really cheap, but I'm going to try stroganouf brazilian style this week, because my companion is pro and making it. 

Oh speaking of my companion, he was called to be the district leader, It was kind of stressful for him at first, but I really can see how the lord is shaping him into an incredible servant. I just keep trying to be humble, obedient, and I really do believe that the Lord will do His work. 

We have two baptisms marked for this Sunday, two neices of a investigator and of a member preparing for a mission, they all attended church yesterday which by the way was incredible, that gospel prinicples class, sacrament meeting, in which I bore testimony and played the organ, but not too loudy :) 

Mother you asked who we are teaching, I think the couple most insipiring resulted from a contact a made the first day in my area. We were on the bus and I starting talking with a young boy whose name was Gabriel. I asked him if he knew the significance of his name, which he did not and I told him that Gabriel anounced the coming of our Savior. Turns out the woman sitting next to him whom I could tell was touched by what I had spoken wanted to learn more. My companion wrote down her information and when we arrived at her house weeks later, she told us that when she saw us on the bus she knew she needed to learn from us. Her finance and she are wonderful and I do hope will commit to a baptismal date this week. 

Fun fact: the streets don't have names here they barrios or large regions in the city and they have blocks, or quadras, and houses, or lotes, for example quadra 54 lote 23 barrio Centro, it really makes things fairly simple. 

Oh by the way don't do contacting at night in dangerous areas okay, just wanted to make that clear. I didn't realize how far we were from home. I think my companion was more worried than I was- that was the problem. But, I only did one and that was it- that was all it took. 

Well, my dear ones. my companion has a birthday coming up and has asked that I by him a captian America lego guy or a harry potter wand. I think I'm going to buy the Lego guy and write something smart about his American companion. It should be nice. He really is a big baby like me, but he has got a tougher shell.  

Well enough about me, what about you!?

Mother I sent your letter, please tell, me which letter's have you received that I have sent, did you receive Isaac's, Grandma and Grandpa's, the family one? Did you like them? I hope you could read them. . . 

Austin I hope you liked my advice, I'm not quite sure why I decided to say all that, but i think it was good stuff, I'm trying to apply it. Clark great email, thanks for the recap, Andrew and Clarissa are you still alive? I certainly hope you are well and joyful as usual. Isaac, find any cool rocks lately, Mom how was halloween?! Dad were you the spinach guy, please say yes. Well, I'm going to push send.  Love you all

Elder Anderson

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