Monday, January 19, 2015


Oh my dearest family please forgive me, but my time is gone and, because we had technical difficulties here today and I was trying to get some pictures ready for you because a member of my ward Erico and his wife are going to visit Utah next week and they said I could give something to them for you guys so I got some photos ready. I will pass your number to them dad, but I think it is actually 2 weeks from now so I can get you more details, but they will pass the st. George temple and you guys can meet them there. 

Mother the package is in the office and I asked them to bring it tomorrow- again. But thank you soo much for you letter and the scriptures you shared, you are quite impressive. 

Dad sorry about your toe, that is unfortunate, but maybe it will let you stop and think a bit too, so it isn't all bad right. 

Today we missionaries went to a waterfall that was sooooo awesome i atached one with me and another missionary. I felt like i really was in the jungle because I was. 

My companion and i have a bunch of baptisms marked for this sunday mandy of them are young, but we are working with the members and the ward is really great.

I am super happy and supper sorry this letter is soo short, but we have to help people prepare for baptism. I love you and will write better next time

Please send some type of contact for Alex Peterson for me, my companion has almost 25 years because he was inactive before the mission, but returned and left to serve God it is incredible. 

with Love

Elder Anderson

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