Monday, January 5, 2015

New shoes new shoes, la la la...

Hello my dear ones. Well that wilderness has blossomed and the desert is becoming a fruitful field. This week my companion and I marked two more dates for baptism the both of which are people we found while we were looking for someone else- funny how the Lord works that way. One is a youth of 15 years and His family whom we are going to work with as well and the other is a man of 50 or so "with a wife and a dog and family"- name that song hahahaha. We are planning a training with the word to motivate the members get involved in missionary work, one reason being that my companion and I are seeing the our investigator aren't attending church partially we feel because they don't have a friendly ward member to encourage them to go and that sort of thing, but the ward is really improving and what a blessing it is for me to see and Bishop the Shepard of the ward taking care of the lord's dear ones- he is really quite exited to get to work. 

Transfers are this weekend. I have 3 transfers here 4 and a half months it is quite likely that I will be transferred, but Elder Mattos was here 6 months so who knows, either way I am happy, especially because Santo Antônio do Descoberto vais ser mudado a Santo Antônio do Batismo! Oh transfers also means that I will receive my package! Hurrah! good news. 

This week really felt like an adventure for me. My companion and I went to other locations in our area found awesome people, worked with future missionaries of our ward, teaching families, making plans, having fun, sharing stories, singing- we for missionaries sing a lot here for the members and stuff we also joke around a lot in the house which we will probably be moving out of soon- it is really small. 

We are seeing a lot of less actives returning to church. It wonderful, one of them lent a football to my companion and I and invited us to his house for pizza latter in the week. Today I taught my companion how to play football a bit and some the words. . . down, set, hike. He is soooo funny- loves to say phrases in English. . . You making fun of me!? He is a great companion. So is Elder Schinigoski man that guy is a go getter, sometimes it gets a little tense with differing ideas, and that is were Elder Brown comes in he is humble as pie, he keeps everyone sane in Spain really a good example for me- maybe we'll be roommates at Byu after his parents have a house there I might be able to stay in with him and others- could be cool. 

Well dad thanks for the letter, Sister Earl- she needs to read the Book of Mormon everyday and pray to know if it is true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God- the spiritual problems will help the physical ones. We were created in the Spirit first- that should be our first priority and our health will improve and really it turns out to be a two edged sword. Like the Book of Mormon and the Bible. 

I freaked out when I heard about Austin Blocking people and stuff that big behemoth however you spell it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY meu querido! I'm writing you a letter today because last week I was unable. I still love you, but 15 years man congrats! More responsibility, more priesthood power, fulfill your calling as a teacher, be happy and smiley like always. Love you man, film some basketball of you playing so I can watch it later.

Okay so my time is up, but could you do me a favor check up on Zach Lewis and tell him that Elder Anderson had a dream about him and wants him to go to church and receive the blessings of God and the priesthood that can give him power. I am a fan of his and am worried for his welfare.

Love you all, and to all a good night

Elder Anderson
By the way glad to hear about Gramps and Grammy keep rockin and rollin you too and thanks for creating my parents!

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