Monday, January 26, 2015

It's CHRISTMAS TIME....again!

Mother I got your package!!! it is incredible i think I'm on the 5 day of Christmas already and it is just getting better and better. My companion especially enjoyed the hazelnut spread. I told him he would have to sing the song with me if he wanted more ahaha. oh and you will be happy to know that yesterday we had a baptism and I brought the jolly ranchers and talked about how the gospel is joy and that we should share it with our friends and neighbors- i think everyone got at least one candy everyone loved it and thank you for it. All the people who were baptised yesterday were references from members and it was great to see some of the families of these young boys come to the baptism and enjoy the atmosphere and spirit. Most of the young boys who were baptized have parents that aren't involved in the greatest things, but the gospel helps us with all problems. I was able to baptize Ender a 13 year old boy who was baptized with his two younger brothers, it was my first time entering the water and it was interesting because the first time I met this young man I felt a bit of a connection with him- like I knew i would baptize him. The baptisms were performed mostly by members who helped with the teaching and friendshipping. It is great to see member missionary work. The really tall guy in the picture Garyson, baptized his friend Lucas and today we played basketball with him and another friend we are working with. I'm excited to work with the families of these recent converts- i have lots of hope.

So this Erico guy is going to arrive in at the St.George Temple on the third of February at like 5:30 or 6:00 pm your time. He will just be passing by, but tell me where you want to meet him and if it is possible and he will bring a flash drive of pictures and stuff for you guys, but he said he can't take anything back with him.  I'm thinking the visitors center would be a good place to meet? He speaks English really well and everything just let me know if you guys will be there waiting for him. He flies into Las vegas and will go straight to St.George on his way to salt Lake. He will travel with his wife and won't have a phone. So let me know. I already have a flash drive for you guys. 

Dad had a question about the area and my companion. So the area is huge. it has the city and a bunch of chacaras or farms on the outer parts it is really beautiful and we have done some serious walking and some times we will catch a ride along a dusty road, one time we got in the back of this old man's tractor thing that moved slower than we were walking. 
  My companion loves to work. He like I said was inactive and it really was a miracle that he went on a mission. Only his mother had faith that he would go. He had the same disease as Nolan I think and he said that out of the 43 kids that got this illness the same year as him he was the only one who survived.

I'm so thankful to have this opportunity to serve and learn. I had a great experience today reading a talk by Elder Packer, the reason of our hope?, and reading my Patriarchal blessing. I was reminded of the importance of humility, service, and always keeping close to the lord- I feel the presence of the Spirit is absolutely essential in our lives- we have to adjust our own masks first to be able to serve others as Christ would- thinking of conference. 

Mom thank you for your letter, sorry to hear about the sickness. Austin keep ballin, be smart, confident, and take it to the hoop man! Can't wait to hear if the child will be a boy or Girl! 

Love you All, 

Elder Anderson

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