Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Well where is the meat the meat I want the meat. Be careful what you eat, especially if there is too much meat #wordofwisdom

Well my dearly beloveds, which is quite appropriate because this Friday there is going to be a marriage! and no it isn't Clark. . . yet. But of Ramon e Cida!!! and who will be baptized the following Sunday? CIDA! how wonderful. I'm really quite excited and excited to teach them a little bit more about the laws and ordinances of the church this week- that is really important you know. In Preach my Gospel usually we teach the 5th lesson after baptism, but there is a thing going on that we are supposed to teach the 5th lesson before baptism as well- these things must be important then: Service, missionary work, Eternal Marriage, Temples and Family History, Service in the Church. I think I mentioned that the friends of this couple are also preparing to marry and be baptized as well right?

So this last Sunday we made a plan to make a plan. . . For the English class, to be the real thing it has to be supported by the ward and supervised by the leader so we are going to talk about that. Also, the short looking man in one of the pictures i sent you asked me if i would teach his son some piano whom frequently stays in the house doing nothing, so my gears get turning in my brain and I get to thinking you know I love the piano, I know how to play the piano ( yes I'm getting physiological here) so I should teach people how to play the piano so they can love it and bless other peoples lives, too. So long story short, I think I'm going to work up a class of piano slash music theory slash basics slash no one has a piano here slash we are going to get creative if you know what I mean. yah- found a paper with a written key board and chords written on the paper and I think that will be the foundation, everyone make a keyboard, you know draw one. practice the basic chords and learn the melody for the top hand. 

So I've got to go, the President says I shouldn´t be surprised if I receive a "promotion" this next week #transfers. 

Love you all, I love the mission, I'm changing, I'm an Elder Anderson

Hope you like him


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