Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas, 6 Months and Golden Baptisms

Dear Family. . . "And a jar of hazel nut spread!!!" thank you sooooo much for the Christmas package I had Christmas eve and Christmas yesterday so I could tell how much I loved everything to you all today. I loved all of the testimonies and Austin's ring, but I don't know what it is will little Isaac, but the tears start a gatherin' when I read the perty litl' hand writin du mer little blossm. Oh and I looooooved the book covers 'Are you my mother" and the other one two, I was quite impressed with mom's drawing and coloring yeah mom! Sorry to hear you are sick by the way. i took a video of me singing the song so one day you will get to see the joy you brought me this Christmas. . . belated Christmas :)

This week we were able to baptize the sister of one of the boys who was baptized this past week. It is so great to hear from the families of this converts how they have changed so much for the better and the desire they have as well to join the Gospel and become converted as well. This week my companion and I had an appointment marked that we didn't go to at the scheduled time and heard from the other Elders that he was disappointed that we didn't go. We immediately stopped our wicked ways and crossed half the city to get to his house where he as his family where waiting, he especially wanting to be baptized. We taught the Gospel to them and necessity of marriage and already started making plans. We discovered in the visit that his cousin is a member of the church and was already planning on bringing them this Sunday. The member has been inactive for 3 months, but at church this Sunday it was great to see him and his cousin be fellowship ed. I had an accompanist on the organ this Sunday, during the final hymn oh how lovely was the morning a little boy came over and was playing notes and adding voices and even turned off the organ at one break and it was really quite funny and i just kept playing until a member picked the little boy from the organ. 

Well I am glad that we will be starting an English class in the church this Sunday and the missionaries will be giving the first class and we are going to include the members a lot in the classes. It should be great, it will be my first experience with a class, but we are putting into place plans that i received from a member in Santo Antônio. 

My companion and I were listed as "The First Golden Baptizers" on the monthly bulletin this month with our picture of the 7 baptisms on the front, it was quite exciting and what is even more exciting is that we have one more date marked for this transfer still and more for the next. The mission President is happy with us and he told me that we were going to baptized a lot together and low and behold we are leading the mission right now. 

Well we went to the waterfall again with some missionaries from the desk today, I wanted to read a little of the book of Mormon there because I feel like I'm in the story in that place, I preached to them a little bit too, like in the movie the testaments. 

i told Clark already, but my companion sent a card together with the envelope that I hope you will receive tomorrow, he will need to translate it and there is a letter for Sydney that would be nice if you could send and a flash drive with a bunch of pictures for you guys, I really hope you guys get the package. 

Well, my time is up, I love you all and I will continue to work hard and intelligently, and with patience, and humility, and the Lord will continue to bless my companion and I and the rest of the mission as well. 

With Love                                  

Elder Anderson. 

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