Monday, February 23, 2015

Big News

To my dear friends and family, this past week was the baptism of a sister Cida legally married to Ramon as of Friday and baptized Sunday in a beautiful chapel not far from our area. In attendance were Weverton and Flavia with whom we have a family night this evening, they who are to be baptized on the 5th of April after a marriage for all time. . . and the following year for eternity, they are making plans already. The man of the house we found fasting this past week. . . wow he is amazing- the Gospel changes lives, he used to drink a lot and stopped going to school the first year, but is going to return to study- I've never seen an investigator with such a hunger for the gospel truths that are available to the faithful seeker in this Church of God.

With the encouragement of the bishop and councilors. We are going to start up the English Class again this Saturday, with plans to start the choir the following week, which may include a music fundamentals class with focus on piano provided by me; could be a great prep for a ward talent show this month. Activities are kinda scarce here as of late so we are going to get moving there. 

there are many baptismal dates for this month some are more firm than others, but we also have many new investigators that seem promising. It is soo great to talk to people about the Gospel and life and help them with life's questions and talk in Portuguese. yah

Wow how wonderful, my dear family. serving ad mist illness, hosting the suffering in your own home. My family is incredible, I can see Clark Farnsworth returning a powerful priesthood holder. Can't believe he is back, but then again I almost have 7 months. 

Yes Isaac you are very funny and I love you man. good to hear from CLhoe. Soccer rocks, lets play when i get back. 

Austin that is nuts that you are dunking, keep working your leg muscles! oh and your throat muscles too. How is Seminary, I hear things are changing a bit in the curriculum. 

Oh dad I'm going to help the ward get a choir started and the Bishop wanted me to help people figure out their range- do you have a hint. 

Thank you for helping Sis. Delucio really you are serving those whom need the most help and for this you will receive the greatest blessings. 

So my companion is going to finish the training of an √Člder who is a recent convert and seems like a very powerful missionary. My companion is sad to leave the area, but was concerned about his relationship with you guys and I told him that you all had forgiven him, but he told be that he hopes that when we see each other that I want have to think about what he did wrong against me, but for me it is just fulfilling prophesy and I'm thankful for the opportunity to forgive a brother of mine that the Lord is trying to save for himself as his servant. My Patriarchal blessing says that some of my most challenging assignments will be in behalf of others, and I would be amazed at how the Lord would inspire me to resolve difficult circumstances. Certainly I felt your prayers supporting me in the trial, and I was able to see the power of the Atonement working in my companion and me. What a blessing. 

So the blog of the mission is a facebook thing, so if you guys still aren't getting it look up Mission Brasil Brasilia on Facebook and request. 

Mom I shared your story from the Ensign with a sister who has a son with speaking problems. reminds me a lot of Nolan when he was young, little blessing. He has got the same hair, too. 

Well I must be going. Oh, but tomorrow, I'm going to pick up my companion who reigns from Rio- going to train him and simultaneously be district leader. 

Love you all,

Lots of opportunities in life- make the best of them and enjoy the gifts of the Spirit. Serve your fellow man.

√Člder L. Anderson

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