Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello my dearest ones, I am glad to hear from you- basketball is going
well, scouts, painting, fellowshipping, everything, how wonderful.

I am also very well, this past week was  wonderful, yesterday my companion
and I were able  to bring some wonderful people to  church with the help of
the members. Yesterday I discovered I would be transferred and was able to
here some wonderful things from the family of the bishop and the family of
the high priest group leader. It is so gratifying to see them so excited
and the members making plans and serving the ward and getting excited about
home teaching and fulfilling their callings and really sharing the gospel-
the Bishop is a great example of this. That ward is going to grow soo much
and will be the source of much service and joy.

Last week we had a family home evening with a family and watched "Together
Forever" The Husband of a member expressed afterwards his desire to be
baptized and be sealed with His family forever- what power and spirit I
felt in this statement. However at the end, and I knowing the the mother in
law had recently separated from her husband after a life time of raising
their children in the church, struggled through tears to say the prayer.
Afterwards I asked her if she would accept a blessing of comfort and
blessed her with power and authority. I feel the power of the priesthood so
strongly on the mission because I love these people so much and I know that
plan that God has for each of them. Yesterday we ate lunch with this family
after church and received many references from this faithful woman.

I'm so excited to meet new members here and work with the Bishop and
everyone, it will be a great experience, oh and I can't express the love I
feel for my fellow missionaries and I finally feel like I'm begging to
express it well. like the Prophet quoted Shakespeare, He who is not
demonstrate love- doesn't love at all.

Sorry it is a little sort. my companion is from Rio Grande do Sul Gauchu-
likes to eat meat and stuff has 24 years, he is legal. Vamos LAAAA! he says
we have a bunch of baptisms already marked, so that is awesome.

Te Amo

Elder Anderson

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