Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 A Visão‏

Hello dearest ones, I received my card and my caixa, box of Easter joys and the chocolate has been devoured already and the presents being enjoyed. What love and care I feel from you all even though I am far away. I wrote some cards to be sent to Clarissa and Mom, so I hope they arrive although, I think I already passed the ticket for Clarissa's birthday. Sorry CLari-boo-boo ahaha , what a nick name. It wasn't me who made it up it was Andrew. Just Saying.

Wow well, I have to tell you all an experience my companion and I had yesterday.

We arrived to visit a recent convert who is struggling with finances, a son involved in drug distribution, and I husband that disappeared and left her with nothing. She doesn't know what to do. She told us that she couldn't do it anymore and was very sad. We sat with her and cried with her and listened to her. After a while, I asked if we could say a prayer and we entered into her house and prayed and spoke about the Atonement of the Lord and of our Lives here on Earth. We read the scriptures, and she prayed that like Jesus had an angel to help him and support him in the Atonement that the Lord would "SEND AN ANGEL". We left the appointment with heavy hearts, and teary eyes, sad for the burdens of this woman, but grateful for the Lord and his infinite  atonement. 

We were confused of what to do next, with our planning mixed up and our heads and hearts inside out the only thing I could think to do was talk to people and try to help them. After talking with a young man about the gospel we found a grouping of people seated in the Street. Knowing my companion was tired of me talking to people, but unwilling to let the opportunity pass I approached them and shook the hand of each one briefly explaining the Restoration. They asked us to pray for one of the ladies in the group and led us into their home. Until now I feel the prophetic words of my mission President in my first interview, to bless the families and their homes. My companion and I proceeded to bless every individual as according to their faith to receive them. The Spirit testified of our sacred calling as servants of the Lord I could see it in their Eyes. I asked them "Do you believe we are servants of the Lord?", Yes was the reply, "And you will believe in our words?" Yes. And we proceeded to teach the Gospel more clearly and simply than I hadst been able before. We invited them to be baptized by the authority of God and marked a specific day for the 10th may. We will return to visit them tomorrow about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. 

I never felt so much like Ammon when he was teaching Lamoni or Alma when he blessed the family of Amuleque in my entire life.

Afterwards we proceeded to marked appointment with a new family in the ward the absolutely inspired me in accordance to the importance of family and applying the Gospel in the home and arming the children with the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit which as we learn from 2 Nephi 32 that the Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost therefore they speak the words of Christ therefore feast upon the words of Christ- tears filled my ears as I listened to children recite scripture and explain the restored truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Church is True, I know that God Lives and that we may not return to His presence if we do not wash our garments in his blood; for it is his blood that saves us "after all that we can do". We cannot judge, but we can serve and show our love for others and towards our Father in Heaven. The Savior came not to serve, but to be served. This is my Testimony in the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Élder Anderson

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