Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 Hello!

My dearest ones, I can't believe that in a few weeks we will be talking to each other again face to face or rather screen to screen! Granted, I have to work out exactly were I will have access, but their are many opportunities, I'm thinking the Bishops house might be a good option. I will get the info and inform you next week, okay?

Well you happy couple and If I remember correctly Andrew and Clarissa were also married about this time- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Isn't marriage just great!? well I don't think I have the right to say that I haven't a clue yet just living with a guy 24/7 is hard enough, jokes jokes, as Parker says. I love my companion, we live and we learn right? However, i agree with the prophets when they say we should hold to the iron rod which is the word of God, because it will safetly guide us through, right? Of course right! Well speaking of Iron rods and such, I helped plan an activity for the ward about Lehi's vision and it turned out to be pretty awesome with the help of the bishopric, but a lot of people didn't come so that was a bummer, but I thought about how the lord's people were always out numbered and really we do have to be courageous not to leave the tree after we have partaken of the fruit. I also was able to speak with our investigator that was progressing so much and who is know so lost in his own doctrine it is so plan to see how the doctrine of men is an abiss of nothingness and it is sad that he won't accept the gospel right now, but we won't lose hope, we are just going to focus on the more pure in heart and ones that have real intent. 
This week I attended a special meeting for District leaders and to my dissmay we arrived late! We were miss informed of the starting time, but fortunately arrived to hear the President speak and I was able to participate in a practice of daily reports from district members- it was great! The President talked about how the mission isn't just about saving the investigators, but the scriptures tell us that part of the work is to save the workers. Unfortunately one of my previous companions went home recently, and it may have been avoided if his compainon had reported to the president what was happening. Well, this work is rough and in a district and as the district leader it is important to realize that the rules must be followed, but I'm finding that asking myself what would Christ do before I try to intercede, I'm always prompted to do some sort of service and privately and directly express my concern and the rule when appropriate. I also was looking the the English hymn book you sent me this week and found the hymn that was written by our ancestor WIlliam Willes "Come Along, Come Along" man I feel like he wrote that for me- I want to translate it into Portugues, but it may be a bit complicated because come along doesn't translate perfectly in Portugues as far as I know- we'll see. 

Well, I love you all it is time to go

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