Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015 Hello my Lovelies.

Well my dearest ones, I do say that it is lovely to be able to email you today and give you a sneak peak of my life here in Brasil. 

Well you should know that I am quite pleased with the retention as of late in our ward with the baptisms that have occurred. My companion and I were able to visit an investigator with Weverton and he is absolutely incredible, teaching, bearing testimony, after the visit he mentioned how good he felt- wow. His wife also overcame some fears to go on a visit with us in which we discovered on the way that the very investigator we were to visit is a friend of hers. It was a wonderful little miracle. I know that the Lord knows us and our weaknesses and our desires. He is happy with our efforts to serve him and delights in righteousness and loathes iniquity. My head was hurting yesterday after lunch and we decided it better to return home and take some medicine. I had been feeling a bit over exerted from the busy weeks, as a trainer and district leader and everything else and in the pathway to our home would encountered a man who told us a few years ago he had been meeting with the missionaries and told us that now he wants to be baptized. It was another little miracle in my life, showing me that God is pleased with my effort and the effort of my companion. 

A few days ago I found myself studying the Plan of Salvation specifically about the Spirit World as one of the suggested scriptures I studied the 138th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. Joseph F Smith recounts a vision and some studies about the Spirit World and the missionaries serving there that brought me to profound gratitude and emotion for the opportunity I had to know some of these special missionaries, including my dear brother Nolan. I would invite all of you and especially my family to sit together tonight or maybe on the 13th and read this section of the doctrine and covenants together. Our Brother is a missionary of incredible power and faith. I can only imagine how similarly we are working together in this work of salvation. 

This experience recalls my mind to another experience this week in regards to Family History Work. I saw a man in the Street that I have seen previously in two other occasions. I stopped to speak with him and asked if we could visit him. He is an Israeli-an man, I believe a Jewish Christian who has a profound interest in researching his ancestors and wants help from the Church to Discover some of his lost ancestors. The other day I called him to see if we could mark a visit and he told be that he had already received a Book of Mormon due to the friendship card I left with him. 

I really feel that I am realizing my patriarchal blessing that says I would be able to after a difficult transition be able to share a powerful testimony with the people who I am called to teach and lead people in darkness to the path that leads to eternal life. 

One of these people is a 30 year old man named Rodrigo. Rodrigo is half crazy, and has an incredible Spirit. He has a problem with the law of Chastity, but I feel so good helping him, in his desire to follow Christ. He is begin to change some of his habits of poor media choices and praying every time with more faith and desire to change. I feel so blessed to help these people get to know the Gospel. Last week in church he explained about faith and repentance and baptism in the gospel principles class so clearly and beautifully, I was shocked and pleased beyond measure. 

Today I spent some time in the kitchen and made rice cooked with sweat potatoes and potatoes, with beans and a fried egg, homemade mango juice and a fruit salad with condensed milk for desert. Yah I feel pretty independent cooking stuff- it is really fulfilling. But what is even more fulfilling is to see my son eating healthy stuff! He bought a melon and fruit today for the first time and made a salad and I was so happy for him. He is an awesome companion and I am so thankful for his talents and capacities. But sometimes I really do feel like mom or dad must feel, you know. But there are only 2 more weeks of training and I still feel that he has trained and is training me more than I have trained him- such a privilege.

Well I love you all and look forward to speaking with you in 2 weeks via Skype

Com Amor

Élder Anderson

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