Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference in Portuguese

Dear Family, I love you all and would first and foremost like to congratulate Clark on a wonderful presentation of faith and formation of those lovely cheek muscles! Isso ai rapaz! What an amazing experience! I wasn't able to watch the conference because of the lateness of the hour, but I watched the music today and downloaded the talks. I watched conference in Portuguese this time and I felt a wonderful Spirit supporting me and an over whelming feeling of the truthfulness of the universal Gospel. Some talks I would get a bit lost, but the Spirit never left me and all of the questions I had previously prepared where answered. I love General Conference.

During the interval Sunday I had the opportunity to accompany a choir from another ward, they sang wonderfully and I was pleased to sharpen my abilities as an accompanist. I had the opportunity to become acquainted with some amazing members of the Church sharing a pan of casserole which was the makeshift lunch that my companion and I acquired shortly before were to take the bus to Conference- yes we arrived late- missed the prophet. Yet we are saved by the Grace of God after all we can do and I feel we gave a valiant effort to arrive in time. One of the most special moments from conference for me was during the congregational hymn in the last session in which I sang shoulder to shoulder with a mixture of I don't know how many nations between we three members of Zion and felt the brotherhood that the Gospel brings, even if they were acquainted those very hours. Shortly after the Hymn I believe Elder Andersen said during the hymn he was overwhelmed by a spirit of unity amidst nations and tongues and I felt I was a part of that Prophesy and Blessing.

We had our top investigator at Conference Saturday afternoon who came with his neighbor. We caught a ride with him home and talked about the conference and how the Gospel could bless his family. He will tell us tomorrow if he wants to be baptized or not. Well he wants to be baptized, but if he is willing to obey the prophets and everything. My companion and I are fasting for him now.

Well, the transfer has come and gone, I will continue to train my companion, but the other companionship in our district has been switched and I'm excited to continue the work here in São Sebastião! My companion and I are so excited to baptize and strengthen the Church and work with the leaders and rescue the less actives and the Lord is doing His work Here in His time as He always does. I'm grateful to be a tool in his hands in this work of salvation.

Te Amo

Élder Anderson

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