Monday, June 8, 2015

Construction on New Church

I have good news, no, great news. 

and it isn't your even day of the week news, 

our investigatores didn't go to church this week, that was kind of a bummer

However, the Lord made manifest his hand in many different ways:

A man who had we had helped move on friday with his family who is currently without a job and to whom I look as a an example in the preisthood helped us Sunday morning pick up an investigator even with all of the difficulties he is having. In church he went and bore his testimony that even though the family we went to go pick up wasn't in the house he said that he felt useful in the hands of the lord. 

The Bishop said that this month will comence construction on the new church. 

We had a specail meeting about family history work and I was able to share an experience about how prayer can help us in our efforts to do our work for the dead. 

I taught the lesson in the Gospel Principles class, becasue the teacher wasn't there and it happened to be about the gifts of the Holy Ghost: gift of tongues and wisdom and others. It was quite lovely. 

I had a few members ask me if I would teach them the piano yesterday so maybe I will try to do an accelerated two week course., hahaha. 

Oh story time so one of our investigators who is preparing to be baptized this week lives on a street that is like really rough and while teaching her about the word of wisdom in the street one day oh what to our wondering eyes would appear- a drug bust!- two policeman at the end of the street searching some youth for paraphernalia how ever you spell that, soon after the occurrence my companion and I passed by these troubled younguns and bore our testimonies about the word of wisdom and the safety and peace that it may bring into our lives. Unfortunately there are many occurrences through out the day of policeman reprimanding people in the street because of drug problems. 

But, on the same street I heard this dude say to another dude in the street as we passed by, " hey charlie don't mess with these guys, their of God" or something to that effect. 

So don't worry- Nós somos de Deus

Com Amor

Élder Anderson

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