Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Difficulty is essential to our lives/Elder Perry Passes

My dear ones, I have very little time, I will have to make this fast, sorry

I sent a letter today for Clark, Andrew and Dad "The birthday boys" 

I completed 10 months as a full-time missionary 2 days ago.

I'm pretty sure I will be transferred in a 2 weeks. My companion and I are working hard, and are so thankful we were able to help some less actives come to church this week and an investigator who is preparing to be baptized. 

This week I gave a few blessings, Even a closing prayer in the church I feel the Holy Spirit helping me speak. The gift of tongues really is a spiritual gift, have to be worthy and willing to receive it.

I'm helping my companion learn English, it is super fun to help the Élders improve their abilities speaking my native tongue. 

I heard about our dear Apostle Élder L Tom. Perry. I studied some of this recent messages about obedience and family, the blessings the Lord gives to the faithful. I'm so happy for the opportunities that the Lord gives me to be around such wonderful members, involved in activities, going on splits with returned missionaries and members, it is really great. The key is to remember we are free to choose we are all free to choose- this is the key to our growth. I'm thankful for the Savior that satisfied the demands of justice so that we may improve through the miracle of His grace

Yes Clark I was able, with the help of a fellow Élder read the talk from Brad Wilcox, it is absolutely amazing, once again another big one for Clark Daddy. 

My companion and I were able to talk a little bit with the bishop about a member who is needing financial assistance and a young man who was baptized who hasn't returned to be confirmed. It was such a blessing to realize the wisdom and authority and calling of the bishop and realize that even though we are imperfect the Lord qualifies who he calls. Difficulty is part of our lives really it is the essence of our lives. the weight that is necessary to make us stronger. 

Speaking of stronger, I feel that I'm becoming larger, but we are good I'm not getting fat again, just becoming more Brazilian lets say- I don't know. I like to cook and make food and exercise.

I love you all, sorry this one was a bit short on info, but I have to go

Élder Anderson

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