Monday, June 22, 2015

Linus Recovery/Entire District Transferred

Wow well I certainly feel blessed today. To hear that my nephew is recovering and that my family is well. And also to know that our family can be eternal. I am reminded of this truth especially on this day that marks 4 years that Nolan passed away. I felt comforted with this truth after receiving the info last week about the circumstances with Linus´s heath- Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father´s Plan. What a beautiful truth this is. I am very blessed and pleased.

I really didn't even remember the importance of this day until now because my district and I were transferred today. Yes, my entire district was transferred. I have been transferred to Paranoa which isn't too long from my other área, but I will be fulfilling the responsibility of Zone Leader together with my new companion Élder Mateus. He is from Brazil Recife and will return home in approximately 4 months. I am excited for this new opportunity and am ready to learn.

On Sunday I was very happy to see our investigators at church, including Jonaton whom also shared lunch with us in the house of Brother Emerson. I will share a picture of him and I later when I receive it, he remindes me a bunch of Nolan. I felt a confirming spirit through out the day that I had accomplished what the Lord desired of me in the area. One of these moments was when a recent convert called me and thanked me for my service in the ward and for being "transparent" as she put it in my desire to serve others; I felt really glad for the opportunity to work in the area for so long. 

I have been noticing recently the absolute nessecity of presenting and using The Book of Mormon in teaching investigators. If the record is so powerful, why would I hesitate to present the proof to the person. If the Spirit is the Converter and if the Spirit testifies of truth, why don't I present the most true book upon the face of the earth to the true seeker of truth. So you see, the mission is really all about truth, receiving it, cherishing it sharing it, just like Lehi in the story of the Tree of Life (1 N 8). I am excited to improve my capacity to teach by the Spirit and help many souls enter into the path that leads to eternal life! I invite you also to share what you believe to be true with others and watch the fruits of your faith return to, but remember that these fruits are the stuff of eternity.

Well I am well, just feeling a bit of a cold coming on, I am a bit tired, but maybe that is because I went to sleep late and woke up early. Yah that is probably it. 

Well I love you all and I hope that all of us can look for God´s hand reaching out to touch our lives.


Élder Anderson

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