Monday, September 21, 2015

Filling up the Branch to Qualify for New Chapel!

Man I don't know where to start. . . 

Well first of all we had two baptisms yesterday. Two brothers of 14 and 11 years. That was a real trail of faith to get them baptized, but in the end it all worked out just great. They both chose me to baptize them and I tell you what I don't think I have ever tried so hard to help two people be baptized. On top of it all my companion and I weren't feeling to well, with stomach pains and weakness, but the lord prepared a way and they were baptized. Before the baptism we had our second-to-last rehearsal for the choir, branch conference is this Sunday and the branch is excited to fill up the building in hopes to qualify for a new chapel!! After the baptism we had a special training by the missionaries about retention, we split everyone into two groups and chose team captains who will be responsible for retention efforts for converts with the last year. We are going to accompany the effort for the next 5 weeks. It was pretty exciting and I believe those who participate will be blessed along with those are receive their services. Member missionary work is the key. 

I really like a message the an Élder share last week in the house of a very special member of the church. He said that our investigators aren't the only people that need saving, but the missionaries who meet special souls during their service in the field. I feel this is so true. There is an old lady that treats us so well in the branch, in fact we ate lunch there today and she presented umbrellas to each of us to help protects us from the hot sun. She is soo humble and shares all that she has with others regardless if it will benefit herself- she is a true disciple of Christ. 
oh my goodness I have to tell you something I had my first shoulder massage since I left the states. . . at the hands of a 4 year old girl! It was great, she wanted 2 reals for it which is Brazilians currency, but it was worth every cent haha, oh mango season is right around the bend, but many youth can't wait for it so what do they do they eat em green with salt and some other seasonings, I like it, but it may give you a tummy ache if you aren't careful. haha Love you family!

Well family here are some picuters for you to enjoy 

Have an awesome week!

Élder Anderson

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