Monday, September 28, 2015

Elder Scott Passes/Music and the Spirit of God

Man I´m trying to think of the cool stuff i wanted to tell you that happened this week, but I forget a lot... lets see if I can remember while I write. . . Well, this week I went on splits with an Élder from Bolivia in his área, it was awesome! we visited a family that I had taught in Gospel Principles Class when they visited our branch with a relative. It was not funny as we were teaching them or trying to teach them, they were drinking this hot drink called chimarao and the woman spilled and then the man spilled and they both got there Books of Mormon wet. oh we tried to make it work to our advantage and tell them it was a sign that they

should get married, but the man was a little less excited than his girlfriend. However, even with the distraction of the spilled herbal drink it was sooo cool to see how excited they were about reading The Book of Mormon and the pamphlets together, they really could feel the Holy ghost and they were so happy about it. èlder Fernandez and I ended up marking 6 baptismal dates that day= super awesome. He was stoked and what is better is that of the 6 dates that we marked 4 went to church on Sunday. While I was away my companion confirmed a baptism for Domingo and I ended up Baptizing him, it was awesome. It was Sunday the day of the Branch Conference and the choir that we had been preparing went so well. I was on the piano another Élder on the Strings and we felt the Spirit so strongly especially during the hymn I´ll go where you want me to go dear lord. I remember feeling such a powerful spirit and after the meeting I heard that a young girl of 11 years who sang in the choir was crying because in the front row of chairs where no one was sitting she saw angels and even Jesus Christ. I believe that this work is the Lord´s work and that we are never alone. Today we had a Zone meeting and activity. We ate Cachorro quente which means hot dog in portuguese and you can imagine how different it is and them multiply that by 12. I still haven´t the handle of eating it without getting my hands all dirty. They cut up the hot dog, pút it in a tomato sauce and you stick it in a piece of bread. it isnt to bad but it has got nothing on the real american hot dog- oh man just got trunky. . . okay lets keep moving. So we played with water balloons and soccer, too, gotta wup up on Isaac when I get home you know, ahhaha ya im still not too good. Man when I heard that Élder Scott passed away i grabbed my liahonas and started studying his recent conference addresses and found some great counsel that I felt was just for me. I think that is when we really know that we are feeling the Spirit is when we feel something is just for us, I love that feeling and I know that we are guided today by men of God and I am soo thankful to be a member of this church and share my testimony with others. This week my companion and I taught a girl whose father is a pastor. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and she said she would read it out of curiosity and from a historical viewpoint, you can imagine the red lights that went of in my head and I was able to bear my testimony to her about The Book of Mormon and the influence it may have in our lives if we would but open our heart to the message it offers and seek this Jesus from the words of His prophets living and dead. Well I love you all, I hope you are enjoying the fall weather, I believe we are going to start seeing some serious rain here pretty soon. God Bless you all

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