Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm Still Standing!

Hello family, I have good news! I wasn't transferred. The other three missionaries in our house stayed as well. My companion and I are super excited about the missionaries that entered into the zone and are hoping we can baptize even more children of God this transfer. It is great to be a missionary! I liked a thought that was shared in the transfer meeting this morning in Asa sul, which means south wing, just a side note in the plano or plane which is the the heart of Brasília in the federal district was designed like a plane, with two wings and is extremely organized. Now that isn't to say that the rest of the mission is like that in fact the plane and parts of the federal district are usually more organized than the other mission areas. But I tell you what, I was born in the state of Goias and it feels like home to me. hahahh.
Any way so returning to that thought from the transfer meeting, one of the assistants to the president mentioned an experience from sacrament meeting in which a newly ordained deacon distributed the sacrament from the confines of a wheel chair with the assistance of his father. I felt so happy that even though we all have weaknesses some that can be seen and others unseen, God allows us to help in his Glorious Work. I remember as a young teacher in the Aaronic priesthood the example of my older brother Nolan as a Priest waking up early to prepare the sacred emblems of the sacrament each Sunday. He understood the principle of service and of the priesthood, What awesome examples I have in my life. you all included. My companion and I are different, but together we are having a lot of success in the work. We had 5 baptisms this transfer and are excited to help more families live the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm trying to develop some o the attributes that are promised to me of faith, wisdom , and courage through service to my fellow man. What a blessing I have to serve. I am called to serve all the time. That is sooo awesome! That is what Christ did. 

Well i love you all here is a picture of a member from the branch that loves to help out the missionaries, I was thinking she is a bit like mom, from the first picture she seems tall right? Look at the second picture and the plot thickens! ahaah

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