Monday, September 7, 2015

Prayer Helps Us Realize the Power and Love of God

I am well, we baptized a young man this week and he and a friend of his showed up in the church today where we were having a zone activity and said that his friend wanted to be baptized and that I should baptized him. I  felt honored and hope that we can help him prepare to be baptized soon and be part of the growing branch here in Planaltina. 

Yesterday was awesome! I saw God's hand in my life so much, prayer helps us realize even better the power and love of God for each of His children. We visited a man who I had spoken with the week before on the bus. It was kind of a mutual effort in the encounter I had asked him for help and later thanked him for his kindness and he asked me what I do. Needless to say we ended up in his house and man it was so great to help him and invited him to prayer about the Book of Mormon and the message of the Restoration of the Gospel. his family is super catholic, but he stopped participating in the religion and church of any sort because of doubts he had had about the many churches. It is clear the Lord waned us to find him, he has suffered 3 car accidents in the past 6 years in which the cars have been totaled and he uninjured. 
We had an amazing experience with a member the same day. An Elderly Sister called us and said she wanted to go with us on a visit that we had previously mentioned to her on Sunday. The commitment had fallen through, but we decided to go visit a recent convert that we had had a hard time finding the past few weeks in hopes to help you make more friendship with this member. I prayed in my heart that we would find her and the lord answered my prayer and we felt the spirit so strongly testifiing of members and missionaries working together in the work of salvation. we will have a family night tonight the the two families and some friends of the recent convert.I felt so happy: golden member.

Here are some pictures of the baptism and I will send some pictures of the zone activity

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