Monday, October 12, 2015

Awesome How the Lord Shows His Love

Howdy Folks Elder Hayden Anderson 10/12/15 Keep this message at the top of your inbox To: Andy Anderson, Austin Anderson, Clarissa Lewis, John Te, jorge andrade, Lorna Anderson, Lorna Anderson, Maggie Root, Marti Zohner, Pamela Robbins, Ryan, Sydney Layton, W. Clark Anderson I'm glad to hear Grandma is well, I was a worried for her, but glad to hear she still going strong! GOOOOOOOOOOOO GRANDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Well this week was a super duper week, full of action packed lessons with members present! We taught a whole bunch contacting and visiting with youth including a 17 year old young man who is preparing to serve a mission! He enjoyed teaching with us and is a lot more excited to serve a mission now. My companion is soooo funny and opened up a lot as we worked more this the youth this week. What can I say he has already worked as a Peruvian clown and many other things. I have to say out of the four missionaries in the house I have got a lot less experience with the "mundão" as they say in here or in English. . . "the big bad world", but it just goes to show how the gospel really can bless us all and I'm so honored to get to know such good guys and learn from them and their life experiences also. I like to think of testimony as a drawing of Christ, each of us has his or her own understanding of who he is and we draw according to our experiences. Studying the scriptures and word of the the Prophets will help us understand more correctly who he is and how we may become more like him. Prayer and Fasting are great tools as well. Well, I'm trying to apply some of these concepts as my companion and I try to serve the best way possible and although sometimes it is a bit tough it is awesome how the Lord shows us His love. . . a few day ago we were looking for an address of some awesome youth we had found earlier in the week and were excited to teach them, but we couldn't find the house! we ended up doing some other visits, but my companion felt we should try to find one of the other investigators that was among the three youth we wanted to visit. We went looking and ended up finding him and he told us he had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and answered the questions, said a prayer and felt that it was true. His friend who is a recent convert helped in the process and even offered to get him a book of Mormon, needless to say we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. He went to church this Sunday and we marked a baptismal date for the 24th. He is one of the tallest 14 year old boys I have seen in Brazil. He would give a younger Austin a fun for his money, just that Austin is almost 16 AHHHHH! RUNNN FOR YOUR LIVES, FLEE THE STREETS, HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!! hahahahah just kidding Austin. You will be a responsible driver I'm sure and even more responsible in your dating habits, I'm sure. Well, my companion baptized an 11 year old girl yesterday who is the sister of a recent convert. Her mom and aunt were there and also want to be baptized, but one smokes and the other isn't married so we still got some work to do. I did some baptismal interviews this last week, but the woman I interviewed ended up not being baptized with her children, because she wasn't fully repented. I know that the commandments of the Lord are for our benefit and for our safety. If we decided to dance around the commandments we are sure to feel the pain and guilt that is a natural consequence. Yesterday we had a missionary work training during the 3rd hour of church. I was glad to start the meeting talking about "the worth of souls" I shared my testimony about my ancestor Lewis Robbins who joined the church as one man, but grew to become many, I felt the spirit strongly as a bore testimony to the members "you are the pioneers of Brasil". Looks like we may have some more family history movements going on here in the branch and I know that it will give some serious gas to the members here. Well, I love you all and just a word to the wise stay away from beer, I get to meet drunks here in the street every once in a while and really isn't going to help you in your life, just a word to the wise. Self control. . . . Sincerely, Élder Anderson

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