Monday, October 19, 2015

"Repentance is the process that allows us to Continue growing and Experiencing Joy"

Greetings one and all, Well I wasn't present for the festivities of the day of birth of my youngest brother, Isaac, but I was present for several others, on the same day!!! I wished them happy birthday singing "Parabéns pra você! Nesta data querida, muitos felicidades, muitos anos ter vida!" And I thought I would include Isaac in those birthday wishes as well, and no I didn't forget about our dear Grandma Hatch! I remember when she held Isaac on her birthday or a few days after- that was awesome! Family Tree just keeps growing! Well, I must say that last week I we had a family night in which the kind recent convert family made some homemade pizza that just reminded me a lot of our homemade pizza- shout out to big momma and the pizza crew. It was great, but of course I ate a little too much, darn, more self control. Well, my companion is wanting to lose weight so we are trying to make more healthful decisions v so that is good. On his part that just mostly means eating less, I suppose on my part to, but thankfully we also have access to some work out equipment. So that is nice. Man my companion and I worked a lot this week and they other day we treated ourselves to some açai, well my companion bought a bucket of it. But, man I remember when Clark tried to describe it to me and it just sounded really weird. But, now I have my own personal testimony. Man Clark you must be missing it hugh? Have you ever found some where that sells it in the states? Even wants to sell Açai there. St. George? Yesterday my companion made some visits with Jairo who is getting ready to serve a mission, we taught him how to invite someone how to be baptized and he made four invitations yesterday and we marked 2 baptismal dates. In that visit we watched the Restoration film and it was very spiritual, I felt powerful feelings and I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and that he say God the father and His Son Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love to study from it daily. Yesterday I read some of Jacob 5, I felt the spirit whisper to me that really work is the work of God and He is gathering His fruits so that he made keep them unto himself and the branches that give forth bad fruit will be burned. What fruits are we producing? Are they sweet or sour? I know God lives, He loves us, we are His children. Jesus Christ is our Savior, he atoned for our sins. If we exercise faith in Him, we may be cleansed from sin. Repentance is the painful process that allows us to continue growing and experience joy as we live to fulfill our baptismal covenants and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. This is the Gospel, we must apply this Gospel in our lives- the Gospel is wonderful. I hope we may all reflect upon the fruits of the Gospel in our lives. And share them with others Love you All Élder Anderson

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