Monday, October 5, 2015

New Peruvian Companion/Conference Comments

Hello Dear ones, This week, actually last Monday evening, I received some news that there would be an emergency transfer and my companion would join the other elder in the area and I would receive a new companion. So you can imagine it was a bit of a shock and is still a bit of a transition. I will send you a picture of my companion and I and you may recognize his face from some other pictures I have sent you months ago from my time in São Sebastião- Élder Sifuentes. He is from Peru, has 6 months left on the mission and really is a great missionary. I have enjoyed teaching with him, and hope that we may have lot of success together. We have a baptism marked for this weekend ( this is the first week we haven't baptized someone in a while), it is the sister of a recent convert. We where teaching her and her family this week and we invited them to say a prayer, but nobody wanted to say it so I said I would help her say the prayer. She began by repeating what I said, until I told her to ask God for what she needs, and she hesitated for a moment and I even doubted that she would say anything, but she began to ask God that He would bless her mom that she would be able to stop smoking and be baptized with her and that God would bless her family. It was really special. Well Conference was great, I feel that I received some revelation and I'm glad to see a familiar face called as an apostle, well kind of familiar. Èlder Rasband was actually someone I thought might be called. That is super cool. Doesn't Austin have a picture with him? That would be coool. We watched conference at a members house, it worked out just great, it was just a bit toasty with just a couple of fans to cool us down. I enjoyed eating some green mango with salt and pepper, ya it is actually pretty tasty trust me. The mango is just about ripe, but most of us just can't wait. Oh I forgot to tell you something cool from a the month of September I believe in the Brasilian Liahona you will find a small article about The Federal District youth Meeting in which a missionary choir was present and you will find a tall blond leading the choir in a small picture on the side. Ya that is me, hahah! Yes I made the Liahona in Brasil! Small Newsies moment. Maybe you guys will be able to find it maybe I can send a link. Well Love you all, the other picture I sent is a family night we had while I was on splits with a greenie Elder Richardson from Missouri- super fun! LOVE YOU ALL

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