Monday, October 26, 2015

Rain, Rivers and Transfers

Well my dear ones, the heavens have opened and the rain has begun to fall, and in this city when it rains the streets turn into rivers and streams- literally. Yesterday my companion and I were almost drowned in sewer strewn rain road rivers, and just when we had finished to cross the river road like hobbits- bare foot and arm in arm, but what to our wondering eyes would appear? A car and 2 people stuck and stricken with fear. For behold we beheld and but wast did we do, help them of course as good missionaries do. By Dr. Seuss. 

Okay that is enough of the "colorful" language, but you can image we ended up quite drenched, but my heart was all warm and fuzzy in side. Ironically we ate fish, shortly after, freshly caught from the near by river road. No, but it was super tasty- don't get me wrong. The members are wonderful!

Well I wasn't transferred, I'm stickin with my Peruvian bro. I'm sure we will have lots of success and the President promised today "if we work hard we will find many special people, whom we will be able to help and whom we will never forget." that was special - let's work my friends!!!!!

I love you all, God is with Us- let us trust in His Power and His Word

Èlder Anderson

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