Monday, November 16, 2015

If Your Investigators Run...Run After Them...It Might Still Work Out!

Hey folks, checking in Élder Anderson and boy do I have news for you!

So my companion and I were walking down the street earlier this week and we bumped into some investigators who we thought didn't want our visits any more, because we say them run from us in the street one day. Any way we discovered that it wasn't the case and we visited them and remarked their baptismal dates, their drunken father when he arrived home was also pleased to meet us, which was strange as his woman explained to us as he normally ex pulses evangelists from his home, but instead offered us to stay and eat dinner and even "pray on his head" as he stated. I felt a strong desire to help that family and am pleased with the baptism on their niece this Sunday who took with her 2 cousins 1 of which will be baptized this Saturday. My companion and I witnessed many miracles this week, including 2 girls that went to church this Sunday that we ended up visiting the same day. It didn't take long for us to realize that  one of the girls was in need of the law on chastity and my companion and I shared with the two girls the importance of of sexual purity and its part in their preparation for baptism. Later we went up the street to visit an Èlderly man of Polish decent and His wife from which country I have no clue. I shared my testimony of the doctrines pure and perfect that are contained in the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it and pray to God to know if it is True. They accepted to be baptized at the receiving of a testimony and said they will go to church this Sunday. While returning home in the shadow if rain clouds, my companion and I stopped to talk with a young girl, her mother appeared and invited us to enter. We shared with them the Plan of Salvation and I could feel so much love for them as we were able to share answers to the doubts and questions they had about our pre-mortal, mortal and post-mortal life. We invited them to be baptized as well and they will go to church this week as well. My companion and I are hoping to baptize many this month. 

It is interesting to me how God works to bring about he salvation of His children. Even though my companion and I are imperfect, inexperienced, foreigners, He uses us to be the instrument in proclaming the Gospel. Truly He uses each and everyone of us, according to our desires and worthiness to share the love of the Gospel with Those whom are without the comforting truths of the Restored Gospel. I love my call  to serve in Brasil!


ÉLder Anerson

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