Monday, February 1, 2016

Parrots and Coconuts

Hello Family! 

Great to hear from you all this week! Sounds like good things are happening in Nottingham and Everyone just looks beautiful! Especially Austin in the suit gussied up for the the school dance- yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Anyway, I am thankful for another excellent week. I was able to go on splits with Élder Gomez from the Domican Republic. We slipped over to their house which is an hour long bus ride through some awesome looking jungle and farm land- super green, lakes, cows and wildlife. Many times throughout the week you may find a pair or two of big blue parrots passing through the air. Super awesome! Not to mention that in every other house you go to there is a green parrot bird that likes to talk with you. cool right? Anyway about the split so were immediately placed in various circumstances in which we could serve as soon as we left the bus. Helping an elderly woman with a suitcase who returned our service with a coconut or two which we later shared with a poor man looking for lunch. The only difficult part was to open the darn nut, you have to whack it with a machete or an axe to open it. Any way, but even with the rain that day we were able to persevere and find people that needed our help, including a recent convert that we invited to a members house to share some FRENCH TOAST! with some homemade syrup which I was able to supply! But, that isn't really important, what is important is that the recent convert was integrated with one of His home teachers!!! 

Well that is just one day in my life, but really in regards to the topic I placed on the email Sunday was called a new Bishopic in our Ward and I now that This church is lead of God and not by Man. The Spirit testified of this truth. 

WOW I have to goo!, 

BUt I also felt my testimony strengthened a lot this WEEK !!!!!!

Élder Anderson

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