Monday, April 18, 2016

And God Sent a Lawyer....

Woah that is really deep was a just wrote on the title of these email. . . you know if you think about it really. . . anyway, but that doesn't have anything to do with why I wrote it the reason why I wrote that is because I have got a neeeeeeew companion! Yup I'm training a new missionary, what an opportunity!. And I'm telling you this guy is a rock star actually he is a lawyer and he celebrated his 26 birthday last Saturday! We totally suprised him with a little party, but what is even more cool is that he is friends with the other "Gaúcha" or "southerner" from Rio Grande do Sul and they ended up in the same place, they are both converts to the church and were both super excited. Way cool. 

This week arrived in our área on tuesday at 10:30 and went to the work the next day and didn't stop. My companion and I were able to help a family with some issues they were having with a car that was stolen from them when we arrived in their home and spoke with them about faith and how the Lord would prepare a way for them. During the visit a friend called the father of the family and said we would lend a big portion of money that was needed for the family to obtain the car which had been impounded. We all felt the spirit in this moment and I felt like a shock of electicity to my nervous system as God showed his hand because of the faith of this familiy. We had fasted that the Lord would hlep us know how to help this family in their dire need and God heard our prayers.  My companion and I found out on Sunday that this same man after having resolved the problem with the car suffered in the hospital with the kidney stone the size of a bean 7 milimeters. He said after arriving home he was in such pain and his young son of 13 years called his 3 brothers and sisters together to pray for their father. The next morning he was cured and at church with his family and even helped us visit other members that afternoon. I know that God does miracles and works according to our faith. My companion and I were able to see many miracles this week and I'm sure there will be many more to come as we work in the lord's marvilous work! 



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