Monday, April 25, 2016

Miracles and learning to do the Brazilian Fight-Dance

Well folks it is great to hear from you all. Glad to hear about the newly GRADS! Way to GO! and way to be beautiful as well! Loved the pictures dad! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!

Well this week was full of adventure, but where do I begin okay let us start at the begining. 

So on the first day of the week I got do something a bit different on p-day which was training capoiera with Augusto! Capoiera is a brazilian cultural fight-dance. I'll send pictures later because the computer is a bit wack. The next day my companion and I found ourselves at the police department again and yes we were able to help figure some last minute details with the truck that was stolen from the family we are helping and I tell you what when I saw that them drive up in that truck the next evening I lept for joy and clapped my hands and maybe let out a yell or two. We even got a ride home that ride- trust me doesn't happen to much.  . . "and walked and walked and walked. #pioneerchildren#primarysongs#mylife 

The next day we visited Alessandro the brother of a recent convert who happens to know the guy who owns the truck Edgar and they were work partners back in the day when Alessandro still had his leg and they worked in an insurance company. So cool to hear them talk about old times together and all the crazy stuff they had done #thisisbrazil#crazystuff ,but even cooler is to hear Edgar share his powerful testimony with his friend and them to have us invite Alessandro to be baptized and him accept! I love the Spirit that helps us do things that we know we should. 

We were stopped by a drunk lady this week in the street and ended up visiting her the next day and helped her go to church. We are now teaching her family and I tell you what there is nothing better than helping other families have eternal ones. I LOVE THE GOSPEL! IT IS SOOOOOO TRUE AND IS THE ONLY WAY FOR US TO GET BACK TO OUR HEAVENLY HOME. . . 

Anyway I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that through him and only him I may return to the presence of God with my eternal family. I know God lives and that He loves us. This is His Church that restored to the earth so that our families may receive the blessings of baptism, confirmation and other special temple blessings that seal us to our Heavenly Father. 




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